Experience the Polar Difference with Window Powered Home™ technology.

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Polar Windows feature heat-reflective high-performance Power Glass™, Solar-Gold Power Spacer Bar™, insulated frames, Santoprene™ weather seals and patented galvanized steel reinforcements.

Buying a Polar Window

When you’re ready to buy or replace your windows, we’ll make sure you find the best fit for your home. Our sales reps, installation professionals and after-sales service team will work hard to ensure you’re happy with your new windows. Better yet, all of our windows are backed by a transferable lifetime warranty.

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Polar Window Options


Choose from more than 20 durable colours, or create a fully custom colour to match your existing window’s environment. We’ll start with our pallet of stock colors to match your window trim with the soffit, fascia, eavestroughs or other exterior structures. It’s our job to offer you the best colour options to meet your design and money-saving goals.


Grilles come with many options:

Finishes: white, antique nickel, pewter, brass

Styles: contour, rectangular, round, lead tape

Patterns: colonial, prairie, craftsman, ladder

Our Polar team will help you choose the most suitable grilles for your needs.

Decorative Glass

Expand the character of your home with decorative glass. This is a small touch that can dramatically increase your curb appeal. Our high-performance decorative glass can be styled traditionally or custom designed to fit the look and feel of your home.

Architectural Windows

Choose from innovative window designs that fit seamlessly with your home’s distinct character and your personal style. We offer hundreds of style options and shapes to work with your home.

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Thermal Imaging

We’ll look for heat leaks and under-insulated areas that are commonly found with standard insulated vinyl frames, dual-pane glass, and low-E coating.


Thermal Imaging Assessment

Our fully trained experts will do a comprehensive assessment to determine your windows’ efficiency and provide you with valuable information that could lead to substantial savings in energy.

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Window Powered Home™ Technology

Window Powered Home™ technology is advanced technology that offers best-in-class energy efficiency and virtually eliminates common window problems like condensation and frost.


Window Powered Home technology has key features to make sure Polar windows will perform year round, even in extreme weather.

  • Triple-pane sealed window units
  • Solar-Gold Power Spacer Bar™
  • High-density foam insulated frames
  • Santoprene™ weather seals and gaskets
  • Heat-reflective Power Glass™

Power Glass reflects up to 90% radiant heat back to the source—inside in winter and outside in summer. The visible portion of the solar spectrum—sunlight—passes through the windows while screening out damaging ultraviolet rays.

The strengthened, tempered glass retains energy and deflects light according to your window’s location and exposure to the sun. Windows are glazed into a maintenance-free, insulated polymatrix frame.

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Easy to Clean

Polar windows are maintenance free and easy to clean. Just use a simple combination of mild soap and water. You’ll never need to repaint.

How to Clean a Casement Window

  • Remove the screen.
  • Using the crank, open the window fully.
  • Clean and dry window. There’s a 4” gap from window to jamb.

How to Clean an Awning Window

  • Remove the screen.
  • Crank the window open, and slide back catch to release hardware.
  • Pull awning down. Clean and dry window.


How do Polar windows compare to standard vinyl windows?

Not all windows are created equal. Polar Windows’ unique Window Powered Home™ technology offers a distinct advantage over standard vinyl windows. Here’s a comparison chart that shows you how.


Standard Vinyl WindowsPolar Windows
Hardware RetentionVinyl on its own has the same screw retention capacity as cardboard. Standard vinyl window frames are 100% vinyl, which can lead to screws loosening or stripping over time.Polar has developed a patented process by hand inserting galvanized steel reinforcements into each window so screws will hold. As a result, our hardware outperforms any other operation window—even wood—in longevity, security, overall performance and sustained value.
Thermal TransferenceWhen interior and exterior temperatures differ by more than 40°, insulation efficiency suffers. Many vinyl window manufacturers are content to offer hollow-framed windows. Hollow frames can lead to more heat loss than energy lost through glass.Polar fills the gaps in vinyl window frames with high-density, closed-cell, high-impact foam, resulting in superior thermal performance while increasing the structural integrity of your home’s envelope. Because of this we can offer you a lifetime guarantee on our windows.
Weather SealsMost vinyl window manufacturers create frames with their weather seals permanently attached. This leads to two problems:

  1. If the seal fails, the entire window is compromised.
  2. Failed seals can never provide fully sealed mitered corner joints.
Polar uses Santoprene™, a superior composite product that we apply by hand to all windows and doors. If a seal ever fails, it takes only minutes for our certified technicians to replace it. This ensures your window will perform like new for up to 35 years.
Colour ChoiceMany vinyl windows are available in only white or off white, which doesn’t offer much in the way of architectural design options.We have developed a proprietary process with our vinyl frame manufacturer that lets us bond any one of 18 different colours of paint to our frames. We offer an industry-leading guarantee on vinyl window colour.


The Polar Igloo

With the Polar Igloo you can have new windows installed even in deep winter. Only Polar offers top-rated energy-efficient windows with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Why wait until later to make your home more comfortable? Install now and start saving energy right away.

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“We had all our windows replaced in the house and the back door to triple pane glass. The work was done professional and quickly. We appreciated how they came in and evaluated everything and didn’t waste time to finish the job. If we weren’t happy with something they made sure to fix the problem right away. We love our new windows and are enjoying the money savings….We would recommend to many others!”

– Carmen (Crossfield, AB)

“My picture window was leaking because of a renovation issue (not their fault), but they came out and were exceptional in diagnosing the problem and finding a temporary solution at no charge! They went above and beyond! I was very impressed with the company! I was very pleased that they actually found the cause of the problem. The windows were fabulous and the service was exceptional!”

– Anita (Edmonton, AB)

“If you plan to stay in your home this company is without question the best choice in window replacement. They are still happy to service their product and answer any question even after the job has been done. Their windows are outstanding, our home is quieter and warmer because of their windows. Thank you Polar….We were very happy with them because they have their own crew that installs their products – they do not sub out their work. Three years later we were happy to find the same faces still working with the Company and we have now decided to replace doors with them.”

– Jodie (Calgary, AB)

Window Warranty Matrix

Window10 Years20 YearsLifetime*Transferrable**
Power Frame™XX
Power Glass™XX
Santoprene™ WeatherstripXX
Paint FinishX
Fibreglass ScreenX

* Lifetime: For the length of time the Original Purchaser owns the building in which the product was installed.

** Transferrable: For a period of 10 years after change from original ownership to the subsequent home owner.

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Before & After Gallery

New windows can make significant difference to your home’s comfort and curb appeal. Check out these comparison shots and see for yourself.

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