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You’ve just installed your new Polar Windows, now what? Well, your work is not over. The windows will need a little more of your time and attention, in order to keep them working efficiently and maximizing values.

Here are 5 tips for maintaining your home replacement windows:

1. Include them in your annual home maintenance checklist
Whenever you decide to do an overhaul on your home, make sure to include “window inspections” as part of the maintenance checklist. Inspect the exterior and interior sides of your replacement windows to make sure everything is in working order.

2.  Make repairs immediately
Small repairs will save you time on major repairs. If you notice a little dint in your window one day, be sure not to ignore it; eventually, it will turn into a larger dent.

3. Carefully inspect the weather stripping
The weather stripping is one of the most important parts of a window because it protects heat loss and gain. You want to inspect and replace it when necessary, in order to ensure your home enjoys maximum energy efficiency throughout the year.

4.  Caulk!
Caulking is something you should always have on hand. Inspect the exterior caulking, where the edges of your window meet the siding and interior walls. Any cracks, chips, or missing pieces on your window will need to be re-caulked to prevent water damage.

Remember, if you ever have issues with your Polar Windows, you’ll be covered with our lifetime transferable warranty.