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1. Condensation

One of the first signs of needing new windows is you’ll have condensation between the panes. That means the gas which is used to insulate the window has escaped so virtually there is no insulation value other than an air space





2. Bubbling Drywall

Your drywall on the inside is bubbling, showing signs that there’s leakage from the exterior. So driving rain and moisture has gotten into the cavity of your wall causing moisture to bubble your drywall.





3. Discoloured Stucco

If it’s a stucco finish the corners will show discoloration or cracks. Meaning your house is shifting and that it’s causing driving rain to get into the cavity of your wall.




4. Draftiness

Draftiness is another way to tell that you need new windows. If you feel cold coming through that window it’s definitely time to upgrade to triple pane.





5. Rotted Window Frame

The outside frame of the window is typically wood and that is showing signs of severe rot. That’s definitely time to replace your window.




What To Do Next

If you find any of these signs it may be time to replace your windows. Visit the Polar Windows website to find out more about your upgrade options.

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