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Those looking for a way to add some aesthetic appeal to the porch area of a home may want to place some potted plants out near their front windows and doors. This home improvement project is easy to pull off. The person in charge of the plants does not even have to have a green thumb. The most important things are water and nutrient-rich soil. The container will do the rest of the work, especially if the planter chooses some beautiful perennials and shrubs. These can survive in pots all year-round, depending on the plant itself and the given climate.

The first thing to do is choose a few plants. An associate at a local garden center should be able to offer some assistance when it comes to choosing hardy flora that can make it through any season. Ask about flowering shrubs and plants known for their creeping, cascading leaves. These types of plants will make any container look lush and full. Also, be sure to learn a little something about these bits of greenery. Do they need full sun? Will the plants do well in the shade by windows and doors? Do they like a lot of water? Do a little research. It will only make it easier to successfully care for the plants.

Since perennials are supposed to thrive for several years, it might be a good idea to buy some decorative pots. Try finding some colorful earthenware or a few urn planters. This will make the whole display of your windows and doors that much more appealing. Plus, you will be able to use these containers for many years to come.