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Benefits of Casement Windows

By April 30, 2019No Comments

Casement windows are a highly sought-after option in Winnipeg; however, are they right for you? The friendly folks at Polar Windows are here to educate you on the top benefits of using casement windows to substitute for your current home windows and figure out when we do not suggest these types of windows.

Casement Windows: What are they?

Casement windows comprise of a flat pane of glass that has a hinge on its side. The windows swing horizontally open, by a hand crank that is on the window sill, compared with regular double hung windows which vertically open.

Advantages of Casement Windows

Such windows provide many unique benefits for homeowners.


Using a double hung window, it’s possible to open half the window. Using a casement window, it’s possible to open the whole window for excellent ventilation. Its open sash guides clean air into your house for an amazing breeze.

Casement windows are able to harness a side breeze which otherwise would pass by your house as the open window acts as a funnel for passing air. If you reside in a crowded region in which there isn’t a lot of space between your house and your neighbor’s house, you may not receive ventilation without casement windows.

If you like refreshing air and wish to open your home up, casement windows are a better choice over double hung windows.

Clearer Views

If you have a gorgeous view, you want to appreciate the view without muntons, (the grid lines that are common upon double hung windows). Casement windows do not have those lines, thereby they provider unobstructed scenery to appreciate.

More Solid Security

Casement windows’ design provides better security than additional windows, which might appeal to homeowners anxious about break-ins.

All 4 sides of a casement window seal into the sash as it’s locked from inside, making it a lot more challenging to break in. The locks on such windows have a hook shape and are embed into the frame, in order to keep robbers from prying the window open.

Compare that to double hung windows that may be opened from outside using a crowbar.


The strong locking mechanism on casement windows keeps rain, snow, and wind from penetrating the home envelope. As there is a single pane of glass, and not two, you will not need to be concerned with gaps in which air might pass through windowpanes, the way you might with a double hung. You’ll feel cozy and warm with casements installed, and their secure seal may reduce your energy bills.

When Should You Not Use Casement Windows?

While casement windows possess several benefits, they are not right for all situations.

The windows can’t accommodate in-window ACs because there isn’t anything to hold the AC in place. If you require a window AC to cool your house in the summer season, leave at least a single double hung window inside the room.

If you have smaller kids, such windows post a safety hazard. Always couple the windows with screens as safeguards against falls.