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Millions of birds die every year due to collisions with glass doors and windows. And to be honest, the sound of a bird hitting glass is traumatizing! Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent these tragedies from happening.

 The reflection of the sky on the glass is one of the main reasons birds collide into them. Bird proofing windows can be as easy as applying alerts, such as decals. These reflect the ultraviolet component of the sunlight, helping birds to realize that the reflection on the glass is, in fact, not the sky at all.

Another way to prevent these deadly collisions is to avoid placing birdhouses near, or on top of, the clear glass windows. Birds are often in a hurry when returning to their nests in the evenings, so during those hours, there will be a higher risk of contact with your window.

Let’s do our part to protect these delicate little creatures, and your windows!