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This west-facing Winnipeg home experiences intense heat during the summer months with the setting sun. To improve the temperature consistency within the home we utilized our USB+ glass units (Ultra Solar Block Plus) within a casement window frame.

This window system provides a solar block to reduce the intense heat of the longer summer light hours.

The triple pane glass does not compromise colour and still provides a clear bright view. The homeowner found their new replacement windows provided added comfort and noise reduction. These are some of the obvious benefits experienced when switching from double pane to triple pane windows. Add the Window Powered Homes™ technology included in all our window systems and you have your own free energy source.

Polar Ray-O-Max Casement Window

For this home the customer chose a fixed casement with optimal viewing space.

Polar Ray-O-Max casement windows can be custom fit to your home. You can choose a window that opens outwards to the left or to the right. Browse our featured slideshow and find some great window ideas.

Polar Ray-O-Max installs new windows and replacement windows throughout Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Brandon, Edmonton and Calgary.