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Awning window example - window opens from the bottom


Example of picture window - no opening


Example of casement window - opens on the side


Everything but the kitchen sink, because we don’t sell sinks.


David and Lorraine Davis couldn’t decide on what kind of window to get, so they got them all.  Casement windows, picture windows and awning windows, as well as, doors with accompanying storm doors were installed in their home. The reason for the variation? Every window and door serves a purpose.  For the Davis’ the casement window (right) provides a more secure window that is easy to operate.  The casement window also allows the freedom to get creative, as it can be manufactured with the hinge on the left or the right side.

The picture window (mid left) opens up their kitchen by providing a great open view while letting in plenty of light. Awning windows (far left) let the air, not the weather, into the room with an awning like appearance. They are hinged at the top and open outward, and are usually placed either above or below another window. The Davis’s wanted protection from Winnipeg’s extreme climate so adding a storm door (middle) made perfect sense. Storm doors are completely resistant to moisture and will not rot, warp or split.

Picture, awning and casement window makeover by Polar Ray-O-Max

After Installation

Updating the windows and doors on their already 40 year old home should allow them to enjoy it for another 40 years!

Polar will custom fit your windows and window coverings.

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