Three Important Things To Consider When Choosing New Bathroom Windows

No two rooms are the same and that means you’ll want different types of windows for different kinds of rooms. You might have a luxurious notion of bathing with giant bay windows overlooking a lake, but let’s snap back to reality for a moment – those bay windows might be pretty impractical because for most of us, there’s something to be said for privacy. There are three main factors you should keep in mind when looking for bathroom windows – excluding aesthetics – which is also an important factor for any windows you might install:


  1. Moisture


This is the most important factor to consider and the primary reason you need windows in your bathroom in the first place. Without proper ventilation, the steam you generate in the bathroom soaks into your walls and ceilings creating breeding grounds for mold, mildew, bacteria, and all that other nasty stuff you’d really prefer not to be living with. You could avoid this problem by foregoing hot showers for the rest of your life, but if you’re anything like me, that’s basically consigning yourself to total misery. 


All this moisture means you need to be mindful of the materials you choose for your windows. Wood won’t do – it’s porous so moisture can get inside and the wood might begin to warp and crack. It also makes a great home for the bacteria we mentioned earlier. The best option is vinyl – it’s non-porous and it’s not as prone to fluctuating as other materials in extreme temperatures.


Hot steam hitting cold windows creates condensation and mold loves condensation. When you’re looking for window replacement in Winnipeg, that’s an important factor to consider – our cold winters will chill all but the most insulated windows. Triple pane windows are a great option to help reduce condensation.


2. Ease-of-Use


Another solution for getting rid of all that excess humidity is to open your windows and if you’re not opening your bathroom windows regularly, it’s something that you should start doing. The problem with some traditional styles of windows, like sliding windows, is that they can be difficult to open and close. Also, they’re also not as well sealed as the alternative that we’re proposing here: crank windows have a compression seal which makes them almost 100% airtight – perfect for limiting condensation. They’re also great if you have arthritis or any other condition that makes opening sliding windows difficult.


3. Privacy


As we alluded to at the beginning of this article, this is one of the most important factors for most folks who are looking to get new bathroom windows. Fortunately, this is actually one of the easiest to tackle. You can elect to get blinds or similar window covers but the most practical option is to install privacy glass. This way, you can still have sunlight streaming through your windows without having to worry about anyone being able to see you through them.

polarwindowsThree Important Things To Consider When Choosing New Bathroom Windows
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Five Ways To Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows

There are a lot of advantages in having an urban forest, and Winnipeg is no exception. One of the biggest draws is the abundance of wildlife, and that includes a variety of different birds in summer and winter. Many Winnipeggers love to attract these birds to their yards using bird feeders, houses, baths, and other accessories.  That’s all well and good – until the birds fly into your window. Hundreds of millions of birds die from window collisions in the United States alone – we can extrapolate from that and guess pretty confidently that billions die from window collisions each year. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent these deaths. 


  1. Rearrange Your Home’s Interior


There are a number of reasons why birds might fly into your window – one of them is that they see plants inside your home, and don’t realize that the window is an obstacle. They fly towards the plants and hit the window. Moving your plants away from the window, and thus away from a bird’s view, can help limit collisions. You can also focus on putting the blinds down in order to deter birds.


  1. Rearrange Your Home’s Exterior


This one is a bit counterintuitive, but hear us out: move your bird feeder/house/bath closer to your window. Birds are very precise flyers, so there’s no real risk of them overshooting and hitting the window. Should they decide that your window looks appealing, they won’t be flying fast enough to hurt themselves if what they’re perched on is only a few feet away. This solution means you can keep attracting birds to your yard without risking damage to them or your windows.


  1. Stick Stuff On/Near Your Windows


The reason birds are flying into your windows is because they don’t realize there’s a solid object between them and the inside of your house, or because they see a reflection of the outside in the window. Sticking tape or decals onto your windows will dissuade birds from flying into them. You can also put wind chimes right outside your windows as an obstacle between them and the birds.


  1. Netting and Exterior Shutters


There’s exterior netting available to stop birds from colliding with your windows; the stuff is relatively inexpensive and it can be custom-fit to your windows. You can also get shutters installed and they double as a great way to conserve energy. Close them when you’re away and there’s no chance birds will fly into your windows.


  1. Get Patterned/Tinted Windows


One of the most permanent solutions is to purchase windows with patterns on them, so it’s obvious to birds that they can’t just fly through them – this can be one of the more aesthetically pleasing options, too. We offer window replacement in Winnipeg, so if you’re interested in what patterns we can offer and how they can help deter bird collisions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! 

polarwindowsFive Ways To Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows
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Innovative Ways To Make Your Home Feel Larger

A lot of folks (myself included) love cozy spaces. On the flipside, most of us aren’t so keen about cramped spaces. Look, the size of your home isn’t something you can easily change even if you’re extraordinarily handy.  This means you’ll need to use some tips and tricks in order to make the space seem larger and get the feel you’re looking for. 


The Anti-Clutter Creed 


When you’re trying to make a home feel cozy, it’s a great idea to decorate with all kinds of assorted knick-knacks, big and small, that you’ve collected over the years. The opposite is true with a small space you’re trying to make look big. You’ll want to use a few larger decorations instead of a plethora of tiny ones in order to make your space look larger. This counterintuitive large-items-in-a-small-space rule applies to artwork, too, so if you’re hanging something on the wall in a small room, it should big. 


Paint & Patterns


There’s an old rule that says you can’t paint a small space in dark colours, because that makes the room feel cramped. It’s true that using light colours is an easy way to make your room seem larger, but that doesn’t mean dark colours are completely impossible. You can pair light-coloured furniture with dark colours in order to fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger.


You can also use patterns to make your room look bigger and stripes are the way to go here. A striped rug where the stripes run in the same direction as the longest side of the room is perfect for elongating. You’ve heard about it with clothes, you’ve seen the optical illusions, and it’s true for rooms also. You can also opt to use wallpaper on your ceiling in order to make your space seem both taller and larger. 


Use Glass


Glass is your friend when it comes to making a room look bigger. Let’s start with mirrors. You’ve probably seen this trick in restaurants – a really big mirror is on one of the walls reflecting all of the seating in the restaurant, and suddenly the space looks twice as big. Same idea here – a big mirror makes your home look bigger.


Another important trick is having big windows – when you can look out the window, it seems like the entire outside world is a part of your home, adding a lot of perceived space. You’ll, of course, need good-looking windows for this to work. Fortunately, if you have cracks or other problems, we offer window repair in the Winnipeg area


You can really level up your space by using our glass tricks together. For example, position a large mirror so that it’s reflecting your window. The look it creates is expansive – it’s like the outdoors is a part of your home on several sides and it looks and feels wonderful!

polarwindowsInnovative Ways To Make Your Home Feel Larger
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6 Tips For Decorating Your Windows For The Holidays

It’s a tell-tale holiday feeling to drive down the street and see silhouetted trees and lights adorned in neighbouring windows. Dressing your own windows is easy, takes just a little bit of work on your part, and yields a gorgeous result.

Here are a few ways to safely decorate your windows for the holidays.

1. Shutters

Your shutters, if you have them, are decorative pieces you can make all the more festive. You can go as complex as running a string of outdoor lights around them, or as simple as popping on a single red bow and calling it a day!

2. Overhangs

Reading near the window

If you already suspend a curtain rod over your window, take advantage and hang ornaments neatly in the window with clear fishing wire. It’s a different sort of look, but if you use the right colours and ornament shapes together it can make a real statement.

3. Window Frames

Decking out the inner frame of your window with some garland will give you that festive shade of green, and you can tuck in some colourful ornaments or wind a string of fairy lights around it to complete the look.

This idea works both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure your lights can handle the cold.


4. Panes

Window clings are a quick and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your glass panes. Clings are typically made of vinyl, and the adhesive on them allows you to remove and reapply them easily and without a sticky residue to clean.

5. Wreaths

Window Wreath

Wreaths can work pretty much anywhere: centred in windowpanes, hung on doors, or even lain on a coffee table as a centrepiece. It’s also very difficult to overdo it with wreaths. If you have a room with a lot of windows, hanging matching wreaths in each one can make the room feel instantly cosier, and without sacrificing any natural light.

6. Sills

Your windowsills are blank canvases—go ham! Feel free to lift from any idea we’ve listed above. But if you need a place the start, you can’t go wrong with a string of garland, some pinecones and a few tea light candles (the flameless variety, to be extra safe.) If you have any dainty gifts you’ve already wrapped, consider putting them in the window too.

If you’re in need for some brand new windows to decorate this winter, take a look at Polar’s line-up of quality offerings.


polarwindows6 Tips For Decorating Your Windows For The Holidays
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How Do Polar Windows Compare To Standard Vinyl Windows?

Standard Vinyl Windows Polar Windows
Hardware Retention Vinyl on its own has the same screw retention capacity as cardboard. Standard vinyl window frames are 100% vinyl, which can lead to screws loosening or stripping over time. Polar has developed a patented process by hand inserting galvanized steel reinforcements into each window so screws will hold. As a result, our hardware outperforms any other operation window—even wood—in longevity, security, overall performance and sustained value.
Thermal Transference When interior and exterior temperatures differ by more than 40°, insulation efficiency suffers. Many vinyl window manufacturers are content to offer hollow-framed windows. Hollow frames can lead to more heat loss than energy lost through glass. Polar fills the gaps in vinyl window frames with high-density, closed-cell, high-impact foam, resulting in superior thermal performance while increasing the structural integrity of your home’s envelope. Because of this we can offer you a lifetime guarantee on our windows.
Weather Seals Most vinyl window manufacturers create frames with their weather seals permanently attached. This leads to two problems:

  1. If the seal fails, the entire window is compromised.
  2. Failed seals can never provide fully sealed mitered corner joints.
Polar uses Santoprene™, a superior composite product that we apply by hand to all windows and doors. If a seal ever fails, it takes only minutes for our certified technicians to replace it. This ensures your window will perform like new for up to 35 years.
Colour Choice Many vinyl windows are available in only white or off white, which doesn’t offer much in the way of architectural design options. We have developed a proprietary process with our vinyl frame manufacturer that lets us bond any one of 18 different colours of paint to our frames. We offer an industry-leading guarantee on vinyl window colour.
polarwindowsHow Do Polar Windows Compare To Standard Vinyl Windows?
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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows

Windows play a big part in the comfort of your home. They let in sunlight and refreshing outdoor air, and they enable the beautiful views of your neighbourhood. But eventually, your windows wear down. We know it can be difficult to tell just how much life your windows have left in them. Here’s a short list of telltale signs that you should move “new windows” to the top of your summer renovations list!


  1. Your Windows Won’t Function


Do you dread opening your windows? If they get stuck on their tracks, require a lot of jiggling, or don’t stay where you leave them, that’s not normal. Windows, especially wood ones, can warp over time as they take in moisture, causing them to function irregularly or not at all.

You can trust that if your windows don’t lock when they’re closed or require assistance to keep open, they are not properly sealed in the frame and require replacement.


  1. You Have High Energy Bills


If you had a hole in your house, you would patch it. When your windows aren’t properly sealed and insulated, the controlled air inside your home escapes through these unsealed spaces. Visible spaces in your windows are one thing, but you can detect any unseen drafts in your windows by slowly running your hand or a candle flame around the frames of your windows.

All that extra air your home requires to heat and cool adds up, the result of which is the number you’ll see on your energy bill. New windows seal these gaps properly and for the long term.


  1. There’s Noticeable Condensation, Leaking, and Decay


Windows are meant to keep the moisture out, not soak it in. You’ll need new windows if you’re noticing an excess of peeling paint, spots of wet wood, and mould. Condensation between the panes of glass in a window is a sign the seal has failed and needs replacing.

The other plus to replacing old looking windows is a significant bump in your home’s general curb appeal. People tend to notice the sharp look of new windows.


  1. You Can Hear Everything Outside


Your home is your temple. It should keep you comfortable and make you feel relaxed. If you can clearly hear traffic noise, lawn mowers, and noisy neighbours, your home may feel less private than it truly is. Your windows are to blame.

Windows transfer the vibrations of sound outside into your home, and when they’re not thick or properly sealed, they let in a lot of sound pollution. New windows with a professional seal virtually soundproof your home from outside noise. In addition to a visual improvement, you’ll be able to hear the difference too.


  1. They Look Awful


Because they’re constantly exposed to the elements, your windows require attention and maintenance year-round to ensure they’re performing correctly. However, those frames won’t last forever in the sun and rain. If you’re spending a lot of your time cleaning, scraping, and repainting your windows just to have them look only passable presentable, you may fair better with new windows. You’ll be able to save time, clear away any rusted and rotting materials, and they’ll present beautifully.


If your windows are looking a little worn, we can help. Book us for a hassle-free home estimate today.

polarwindows5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Windows
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Iconic Doors in Cinema

Polar Ray-O-MaxThroughout cinematic history, doors have played an essential part in framing legendary shots, telling stories through metaphors and symbolism, and they’ve even been used for comedic effect. No matter how they are being used, doorways have played a significant part in movie history. Take a look at some of the most iconic doorway scenes in movies.

The Shining

If there’s anything everyone remembers in this terrifying 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror classic, it is what is referred to as the “Here’s Johnny” scene. It has been called the scariest scene in cinema history. In this iconic scene, a deranged, axe-wielding Jack Nicholson breaks through the bathroom door to get to his terrified wife. According to film legend, the famous line, “here’s Johnny” was improvised by Nicholson.

 The Godfather

Doors are used symbolically in film for great effect. In the Francis Ford Coppola directed 1972 crime epic The Godfather, doors are used to separate men from women. In the film’s unforgettable final scene, Michael, played by Al Pacino, is shown through a doorway accepting his position as the Corleone family’s new boss. As his wife, played by Diane Keaton, looks through the doorway, one of Michael’s associates closes the door, literally and metaphorically shutting her out of Michael’s new mafioso life.

Blue Velvet

In one memorable scene from this 1986 David Lynch film, Kyle MacLachlan snoops around in the apartment of Isabella Rossellini. When she arrives home with Dennis Hopper, he dives into the closet, watching a horrific scene unfold through a closet door.

The Big Lebowski

One trope that many moviegoers will recognize is the old “using a chair to lock door” trick. Many movie characters have locked themselves in rooms by lodging chairs into doors, preventing intruders from properly opening. In the Cohen Brothers’ class, The Big Lebowski, the main character attempts to keep out potential intruders by lodging a chair against his apartment door. Since he fails to understand how this process works, the chair simply falls forward when the intruders open the door.

polarwindowsIconic Doors in Cinema
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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a big holiday; people spend so much time and effort on their costumes, houses and yards. I would like to take this time to thank those people because there is nothing better than a ghostly looking house! Windows and doors are one of the easiest ways to bring in some spookiness to your home. Check out some of these amazingly decorated doors and windows.


Zombie in window - Polar Ray-O-Max WindowsBats around front door - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows




haunted house halloween decorations - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

polarwindowsHappy Halloween!
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Stylish Blinds Provide More Than Just Privacy

The blinds that cover the windows of a home are just as important as the pieces of art hanging on the walls. These coverings will be just as visible, and they should coordinate well with all of the other colors and home accessories in that room. If they do, the space will seem both posh and inviting at the same time.

If a room is utilized for formal gatherings, it may be a good idea to install blinds that have a classic look. Wood blinds are easy to clean, and they complement all sorts of furniture pieces. You can find sets with varnished wooden slats and those that have a natural finish. Choose a style that pairs well with the rest of the wood furnishings in the room.

Woven Blinds for WindowsWoven blinds can be a key part of a more exotic and casual design scheme. They allow for some natural light to come through the windows, and they are easy to adjust to just the right length. Some of the styles are even made with sustainable, antimicrobial materials like bamboo. These kinds are great to use in a getaway property by the water, as this material combats the development of mold and mildew.

Then, there are sleek-looking fabric roller blinds. These window shades come in a wide range of colors and textured looks. It is usually very easy to find a set to match the color scheme of the room in question. These are especially great for windows in bedrooms. The fabric is completely opaque and perfect for blocking out sunlight on those mornings meant for sleeping in. They provide more than just privacy and help make those cherished home spaces as cozy and comfortable as possible.

polarwindowsStylish Blinds Provide More Than Just Privacy
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How to Clean Windows Properly

I’m feeling optimistic writing this as I’m looking out my office window in Winnipeg, MB at the barren trees; snow covered ground and grey skies, because spring is just around the corner, right?

When it comes to spring cleaning there are many areas of your house that you might focus on and if you’re making it a weekend event, why not clean up those nasty windows.  Cleaning your windows will allow for the maximum amount of light and act as an immediate mood up-lifter . . . okay so we can’t guarantee that, but there is some science behind light and moods!

Follow these ten steps to make your windows (and what’s around them) clean, shiny and streak free!

  1. Pick the right time of day – Choose a time when the sun isn’t shining directly on your windows. The hot rays can dry the cleaning solution faster, resulting in streaks.
  2. Clean the surface first – With a dry brush or cloth, dust away any cobwebs or loose dirt from your windows and frames. Along with the glass and frames don’t forget to clean the hinges, sills and tracks.
  3. Choose the right cleaning solution – Whether it is store bought or homemade make sure it’s a good quality solution; this will help to make your job easier. Homemade Mix: 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water.
  4. Avoid the cleanup – Before cleaning your windows make sure to place an absorbent towel along the windowsill to catch any excess drips.
  5. Wet the glass – Using a sponge, wet the windowpane with your solution and rub away the dirt. To protect your window frames try as best as possible to prevent the solution from coming into contact with them.
  6. Use a squeegee!
  7. Follow a direction – Starting at an upper corner of the pane, draw the squeegee down in a straight, hard line. Wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee with a clean, lint-free cloth.  Return to the top of the pane and repeat. Make sure to overlap the strokes to avoid streaking.  To finish pull the squeegee across the bottom of the window. Dry the sill.
  8. Clean the frames – Wipe the surface of the frames using an all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth. Rinse the cloth and wipe again, which will remove any of the left over cleaning solution. Dry immediately with a dry cloth.
  9. Wash window screens– Using warm water and a mild detergent scrub each screen with a brush and rinse thoroughly.
  10. Clean window treatments– Many draperies and curtains are machine washable but just make sure to check the labels. If not, other options would be to dry-clean or hand wash the fabrics.  If you have wooden blinds wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, this is also safe for metal and vinyl blinds.

Polar will custom fit your windows and window coverings.

Polar Ray-O-Max installs windows and window coverings throughout Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Brandon, Edmonton and Calgary. Click here for a free in home estimate.

polarwindowsHow to Clean Windows Properly
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