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Condensation on Windows: How to Reduce and Prevent It

By September 10, 2019No Comments

This article is going to be focused on stopping condensation on the interior of your windows. Why? Well, because outside, it rains, it snows. Your windows are going to get wet. You can apply protective barriers to them, but it’s often a losing battle. Interiors, on the other hand, are quite worth protecting. When your window interior has condensation, the moisture can drip down and begin to rot the frames, creating a great home for mold and mildew.


Let’s start with the simplest solutions. Condensation is caused when warm, humid air hits a cold surface, in this case, your window. That means reducing moisture can help reduce condensation. So can increasing the surface temperature of your interior window. One way of reducing moisture is to run exhaust fans when cooking or taking a shower. Run them for at least 15 minutes after you’re done and you should see a decrease in condensation.


Speaking of fans, did you know you should run your fan in the wintertime? Strange, but true. Running your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter pushes warm air towards the ground, which can help heat your windows, and decrease condensation.


Using a bit of climate control can’t hurt your chances of eliminating condensation either. Running a humidifier in the winter? Consider turning it down. It’s rare to hear people complain of too much humidity in a Winnipeg winter, but if that’s what you’re experiencing, consider a dehumidifier. We’ve been talking a lot about heat here, too. If you crank up the temperature of your home, you might find your windows’ surfaces gets hot enough that condensation doesn’t happen.


Now, let’s consider why your windows’ interior surfaces are cold in the first place. Windows are supposed to insulate your home, and if they’re cold, it means a measure of cold air is getting into your home. It may not be a lot, but it is a sign that your window could be better insulated. One way to address this is by purchasing window insulation kits which, when installed on the inside, reduce condensation.


You may, however, find that window insulation kits are not enough. You may decide you simply want better windows – windows that are insulated against the cold, and thus, against condensation. Triple pane windows are a great solution because when there are three panes of glass, the innermost pane is unlikely to get cold because of the two insulating layers between them and the exterior. We can help you select and install top-of-the-line triple-pane windows.


You may also be experiencing condensation because of a leak and when your windows are damaged and cold air is flowing through, you might see a lot of condensation. We can help with that, too.  We do window repairs in the Winnipeg area, and we do it well. 


There are a number of other possible causes for condensation, from plants being too close to your windows to bad air circulation throughout your home. Try a number of different solutions, and you’ll narrow the problem down to its source!