Triple Pane Blinds

between Glass


Fed up with bent blinds and tangled cords? Learn about Polar Windows new triple pane blinds between glass.


a Polar Windows exclusive
product & industry first!

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Featuring the same quality features found in our traditional products, the Triple-Pane Blinds Between Glass Windows are the industry’s first sealed solution in a triple paned configuration. The product includes features like foam filled profiles, Triple Pane glass, Santoprene Weather Seals, patented galvanized steel reinforcements, and a black high-performance spacer bar.


Group 4

No Cord
The operator’s ergonomic design ensures a sleek and clean look that eliminates tangled or discoloured cords.

Group 5

No Dusting
Reduce your weekly home maintenance as there is no dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen or fingerprints to clean up.

Group 6

No Damage
Enclosed and protected blinds mean no kinks, dents, and broken or damaged slats. We offer a lifetime warranty on the window and frame, and provide a 10-year guarantee for the blinds.

Group 7

No Unwanted Glare
With a single control, you are able to raise, lower or tilt your blinds. Feel a sense of privacy and block out an unwanted glare from sunlight, moonlight or streetlight.

Group 8

No Added Cost
As a modern alternative to traditional blinds, these windows are contemporary, sleek and eliminate the added cost of expensive window decor.