Built for Canadian Climates

When it comes to external doors, you want yours to be custom designed to the dimensions of your existing opening, in order to create that air-tight, glass slipper fit. With Polar Doors, you can say goodbye to brisk drafts and heat leaks and hello to comfortable living, because our doors are built to keep the outdoors where it belongs — out!

Our combination of custom design and manufacturing, energy efficiency, patented security, and certified installation makes Polar the market leader for external doors. To make your experience even better when picking out doors, all our options — from entry doors and patio doors to garden doors and single or double doors — are fully customizable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Single Door
Single Door with Sidelite
Single Door with 2 Sidelites
Double Door
Double door with 2 Sidelites
Door with 2 Sidelites & Rectangular Transom
Door with 2 Sidelites and Elliptical Transom

From front doors to patio doors and all the entryways in between, Polar is ready to secure your home with the highest level of quality on the Canadian door market.

1. Single Door

A single door.

2. Single Door with Sidelite

Single door with a single sidelite.

3. Single Door with 2 Sidelites

Single door with 2 sidelites, one on each side.

4. Double Door

Double door.

5. Double Door with 2 Sidelites

Double door with 2 sidelites, one on each side of the double door.

6. Door with 2 Sidelites & Rectangular Transom

Door with 2 sidelites, one on each side, and a rectangular transom above.

7. Door with 2 Sidelites and Elliptical Transom

Door with 2 sidelites, one on each side, and an elliptical transom above.

8. Wide Variety

Wide variety of exterior trims for a perfect fit.

9. Jamb Extensions

Interior retainer for your choice of 3/4″ composite vinyl or wood jamb extensions.


Our combination of custom design and manufacturing, energy efficiency, and certified installation places our Polar Classic Door System as the market leader.

  • We design, custom build and install each entry system to match the style and dimensions of your existing opening.
  • We offer the option to customize any door with a triple plane door lite that incorporates Polar Window Powered Home™ technology. This innovative technology proves best-in-class energy-efficiency to virtually eliminate condensation and frost on your door lites.
  • Polar doors have an energy efficient polyurethane insulated core and high-impact compression molder fiberglass skin to protect surfaces from daily wear, dents, dings, splintering and corrosion.
  • Our Polar Classic Door System includes a solid cellular PVC composite frame and customized exterior trims for the ultimate in design flexibility. A durable aluminum sill with a vinyl thermal break and door sweep system keeps the elements out.
Custom Designed Garden Door System

Our garden door units are custom designed in a variety of sizes to fit any opening. Select an in-swing type or our atuoswing type that features an operational door on one side, plus an outward-venting door on the other side, making it a popular multi-function choice.

  • Cellular vinyl frame and exterior trims coupled with a solidly backed, aluminum door sill – customized to fit your exact jamb depth.
  • Insulated Fiberglass doors in Smooth and Woodgrain finished – standard and non-standard width and heights.
  • Proprietary poly-matrix insert trim featuring 1 3/8″ thickness Tripane using Tri-Seal™ Spacer Bar™.
  • Polar Decorative Glass Selection
  • Pre-finished in virtually any colour and finish.
Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

No matter how demanding the climate, you can create a warm, open and naturally lit environment in your home with full-lite, triple pane patio doors. Extend the boundaries of your living space to include the outdoors without sacrificing the benefits of Window Powered Home(tm) technology.

  • Thick-wall vinyl, multi-chambered with fusion welded panel joints – durable, sturdy and air and watertight.
  • Steel reinforced profiles for strength.
  • Multi-locking system with “anti-lift” technology.
  • 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel bi-parting configuration up to 14′ x 8″.
Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

Experience the exquisite feeling our sliding patio doors bring to your home along with comfort, performance, and safety. Nothing opens a room to the wide expanse of the outdoors like our sliding patio doors. In combinations of two, three, or four panels and from 5ft to 16ft wide and up to 8ft tall, you’ll wonder how lived without the spacious and airy addition of our glass sliding doors.

*Possible sliding door configurations

Decorative Glass Selection

Decorative welded glass designs are sure to add style and elegance to your home’s entryway. Learn more by downloading our brochure below.


Polar doors are manufactured with maintenance-free composite jambs and brick moulds, high-impact steel reinforcement, and a solid R15 polyurethane core, simply meaning they’re built to perform. Polar’s high-impact compression-molded fibreglass skins also make our doors “life-proof,” so you can be sure they’ll hold up against any possible dents, dings, splintering and corrosion.

With patented door security, our full-length solid wood blocks laminated between fibreglass provide secure mounting for Weiser brand hardware. giving you the security of a deadbolt with a non-locking lower trim. This involves a specially designed striker plate that’s wrapped around a solid fir frame, and fastened with 3 ½” screws to strengthen the locking mechanism.

All Polar door options, from entry doors to single or double doors, and patio doors to garden doors, are fully customizable to suit your needs.

We work hard to exceed your expectations.

Review our lifetime warranties on windows and doors, you’ll understand just how confident we are about our products.