Patio Doors

No matter how demanding the climate, you can create a warm, open and naturally lit environment in your home with full-lite, triple pane patio doors. Extend the boundaries of your living space to include the outdoors without sacrificing the benefits of Window Powered Home technology.

All of Polar’s patio and sliding doors feature Polar Power Glass — glass that reflects radiant heat to let sunlight in while screening out its harmful ultraviolet rays.

Some of the other main features that help Polar doors stand up to extreme weather and everyday life include:

  • Maintenance-free composite jambs and brick moulds,
  • High-impact steel reinforcement for added strength
  • Energy efficient R15 polyurethane core
  • Aluminum sill and a PVC thermal break for added weather protection,
  • High-impact compression-molded fibreglass skins to help stand up against any possible dents, dings, splintering and corrosion

No matter what style of patio door you choose, you can rest easy knowing you get the benefits of our Window Powered Home™ technology, including Solar Gold Spacerglass™, Power Spacer™ spacer bars, heat-reflective Power Glass™ and insulated frames — exclusive to Polar.

There are three primary configurations when it comes to patio sliding doors.

  • Two part door – standard
  • Three section door – one operating door can appear on either end of the middle
  • Four section door – the two centre doors open and close while each end acts as a window, letting lots of natural light in. (Requires at least 10 feet of space.)

Guaranteed For Life

We work hard to ensure your Polar purchases live up to all of your expectations.

Once you review our lifetime warranties on windows and doors, you’ll understand just how confident we are about our products.

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