Terrace Doors

Terrace doors (or garden doors) are the French equivalent to patio doors. They are generally used at the back of a house to enter a backyard. Polar’s terrace doors are custom-designed to fit any opening, and offer in-swing or outswing door options to suit your exact needs.

Polar door technology features supreme energy efficiency and high-end security systems for your home-life comfort.

Some of the primary features that help Polar terrace doors stand up to extreme weather and everyday life include:

  • Maintenance-free composite jambs and brick moulds,
  • High-impact steel reinforcement for added strength
  • Energy efficient R15 polyurethane core
  • Aluminum sill and a PVC thermal break for added weather protection,
  • High-impact compression-molded fibreglass skins to help stand up against any possible dents, dings, splintering and corrosion

Our doors also feature patented door security with our full-length solid wood blocks laminated between fibreglass. This provides secure mounting for Weiser brand hardware. To strengthen the locking mechanism even further, we make a specially designed striker plate that wraps around the solid fir frame, and fasten them with 3 ½” screws.

When it comes to Polar’s terrace and garden doors with glass features, we always incorporate our Window Powered Home technology — our best-in-class energy efficient windows that virtually eliminate condensation and frost.

There are two versions of a terrace door — inswing and outswing.

Generally, our recommendation is to go with inswing to avoid having it exposed to strong winds and weather, but ousting it great for multiple purposes as well. For example, if you have indoor furniture arranged in a way that’s difficult to move, you’ll want to save space by having your door swing outward.

*Consideration — Outswing doors require an additional locking mechanism for extra safety, making them a bit more difficult to maneuver when carrying in groceries from the car.

Guaranteed For Life

We work hard to ensure your Polar purchases live up to all of your expectations.

Once you review our lifetime warranties on windows and doors, you’ll understand just how confident we are about our products.

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