Energy Efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint with Polar.

The highest quality solar
energy-rated window

Polar windows’  Energy Rating is +43. Polar doors have a solid R15 polyurathane core. This advanced window and door technology will bring you energy savings for decades.

Energy Rating (ER) is a benchmark rating system adopted as part of the CSA A440.2 Standard of Canadian Build Code. ER represents a single modeled performance rating for a window, expressed in Watts per square meter (W/m2), based on standard window sizes and categories and average Canadian climactic conditions. ER takes into account a window’s capacity to emit solar heat, its insulating capacity or R-Value, and its ability to resist air leakage.

ER ratings range from 0 to 50. A rating of 0 indicates neutral energy consumption, where a window contributes as much solar heat as it loses over a full heating season. A window with a positive ER measurement saves energy, while a window with a negative ER loses energy.

Window Powered Home™ Technology

Window Powered Home™ technology sets Polar apart from other windows and doors on the market, making Polar products best in class for protecting your home in extreme Canadian climates.

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The Polar Promise

Polar Windows will help you reduce your home’s energy costs, increase your home’s comfort, improve your home’s appearance and increase your home’s value. We guarantee these four key benefits every time you choose high quality, energy-efficient Polar windows and doors for your home, which are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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