Energy Efficiency

Improve Your Home’s
Energy Efficiency

Research proves energy-efficient windows and doors offer you one of the best returns on investment for any home improvement project and can help greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

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Canada Greener Homes Grant

Natural Resources Canada has committed to help homeowners improve their home energy efficiency by providing up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy efficient improvements to their homes, supported by an EnerGuide evaluation.

This initiative will complement existing provincial and municipal energy efficiency programs and is in effect for eligible retrofits done after December 1, 2020 until March 2028.

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Window Powered Glass Types

Window Power (WP)

A proven approach to improve your wintertime comfort and reduce your heating costs. Triple pane construction with a low e coating designed to capture the sun’s heat, argon gas filled cavities to boost its insulating properties and Tri-Seal™ warm edge spacer bars work together to virtually eliminate condensation.

Ultra Solar Block+ (USB+)

An effective solution for elevations where you have solar heat gain concerns. Triple pane construction with a low e coating designed to block the sun’s heat and improve your comfort around your windows. Enjoy reduced summertime cooling costs and block damaging UV rays to protect your valuable interior décor and has high insulating properties and Tri-Seal™ warm edge spacer bars for year-round performance.

Radiant Energy ~ Heat Chamber (RE~HC)

The ideal choice for your North elevations lack of exposure to the sun’s warming effects. Triple pane construction with two low e coatings, argon gas and Tri-Seal™ spacer bars combine to generate the highest insulation value to trap heat in the home around your windows, reducing your energy costs and increasing your wintertime comfort.

Solar Energy | Heat Shield (SE|HS)

A perfect selection when you want to shield the sun’s heat and obtain high insulative performance. Triple pane construction with argon gas, Tri-Seal™ spacer bars and two low w coatings – one that blocks the sun’s heat and the other for added insulation for wintertime performance. A great combination for unprotected South and West elevations window and doors.

Polar’s Window Energy Performance

Polar window systems uses cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation. Learn more by downloading our brochure below.

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Polar’s Tri-Seal™ Warm Edge Window Performance

Polar Window and Door systems include our latest technological breakthrough, Tri-Seal™ Warm Edge Spacer Bars. Learn more by downloading our brochure below.

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Energy Technology

Window Powered Home technology sets Polar apart from other windows and doors on the market, making Polar products best in class for protecting your home in extreme Canadian climates. Window Powered Home technology has five key features to make sure Polar windows will perform year round, even in extreme weather.

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Energy Guarantee

Polar Windows will help you reduce your home’s energy costs, increase your home’s comfort, improve your home’s appearance and increase your home’s value. We guarantee these four key benefits every time you choose high quality, energy-efficient Polar windows and doors for your home, and to prove it, we back it by our Lifetime Warranty.

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Testing & Certification

At Polar, we only offer the highest standard of quality on the window and door market. That’s why we put our products through extensive in-house testing and certification before they’re delivered to your home.

When your windows and doors are delivered, you’re given a window sticker to prove the products you’ve purchased are certified and have passed testing.

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