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You may have seen the blue ENERGY STAR symbol on products before. ENERGY STAR is the mark of high-efficiency products in Canada, and Polar Windows is proud to be among them. All windows, doors, and skylights that surpass a certain quality performance in Canada earn a high Energy Rating (ER) number.


How Energy Rating Numbers Work


A positive ER can be anywhere from 0 to 50. Any window with a positive ER saves more energy by maintaining heat. If a window has an energy rating of 0, that means it releases just as much heat as it keeps in over the course of a season. A window can also have a negative Energy Rating, meaning it loses more energy than it saves. This benchmark exists for you, the consumer, as it is an important factor in determining the value of new windows. The higher the ER, the more certain you can feel about your purchase.


How to Determine Energy Rating


Energy Rating is a part of the National Building Code of Canada. On the manufacturing side, ER is determined on a performance metric based on the size of the window, the category that window falls under (stationary windows, slider windows, casement windows, etc.) is important when considering the climate conditions under which the window must endure.

All windows emit solar heat, release air, and reach a capacity on how well they can insulate your home. All of these factors affect their ultimate Energy Rating.


Climate Zones

ENERGY STAR climate zones


We also mentioned climate conditions. There are 3 different ENERGY STAR climate zones in Canada, all with different rating levels. Windows with higher energy ratings qualify in more climate zones.

Because of the custom technology and materials we use in our windows, Polar Windows’ fixed window Energy Rating is +43. We focus on a long-term return with a lifetime warranty and our promise to bring you energy savings for decades. This promise extends to all of our products, doors included.


The Polar Promise


Polar Windows will help you reduce your home’s energy costs, increase your home’s comfort, improve your home’s appearance and ultimately increase your home’s value.