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Every season yields a reason to feel festive. Whether a holiday is fast approaching or the leaves have started changing color outside, it is always easy to find an excuse for making a decorative door wreath. Most of these projects are simple to execute, and the finished product is something that can be used on exterior doors for many different occasions down the road.

Celebrate springtime by creating a wreath with pizzazz. It doesn’t even have to be circular. Find a brightly colored golf-style umbrella, either in some castoffs or at the local drug store. Fill the umbrella, upside down, with artfully arranged silk flowers, moss, colored eggs, fake butterflies, or any other symbol that is reminiscent of the season. The same could be done with an old rubber boot or galosh. All that matters is originality and creativity.

Seasonal Garland on Exterior Door

prettifyyourlife.blogspot.com via Angela on Pinterest

Want to put up something on your exterior doors that indicates a party is about to get underway? Try making a long piece of garland to border the doorway. Start with a length of wide ribbon in a thematic color. Then, add knick-knacks, interwoven beads, and little toys every few inches or so. Imagine how charming something like this would look when put up for a baby shower or a children’s birthday party. The same style of decoration, only a saucier version, could be used for a bachelorette party or wine tasting event. The possibilities are innumerable. Try searching for more ideas and decorating tips in crafting magazines and online. All it takes is a little inspiration to get someone off to a good start.