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Financeit — The Consumer-Friendly Financing Program

Skip the bank and simply click on the pre-approved logo below and complete our secure credit application. With Financeit, credit financing decisions only take a few minutes!

Financeit is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your window and door purchases without having to wait.

Payment Method
With Financeit, you will enjoy these primary benefits:

Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs
No downpayment necessary
A variety of financing offers including:
No Interest, No Payment programs
Low Monthly Payment Programs
Open Loan Option (Pay off the entire loan any time without penalties)
Easy deductions from your bank account
A 15-year pay period
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Financing with Manitoba Hydro can make energy-saving upgrades affordable!

The Home Energy Efficiency Loan offers convenient financing for energy-efficient upgrades to your home. You can choose from various loan terms for manageable payments, with the added convenience of monthly loan payments on your utility bill.

To be eligible, you must be the homeowner, have an active MB Hydro account in good standing, be currently living in the home you’re wishing to upgrade as a primary residence, and be approved for credit from MB Hydro.

Payment terms span for a maximum of five years for energy-efficiency upgrades, and your minimum monthly payment is $15.