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The Brackens decided to revamp the look and feel of their Whyte Ridge home. They were looking to modernize their home aesthetically as well improve the airflow.  To accomplish this overhaul they replaced all of their windows with casement and picture windows and  opted for a new front entry and back door.

It’s fascinating to see how the new dark brown front entry door and with decorative glass seemed to change the entire look. Before all you could see was doors and windows and now you see the whole house, as the new features compliment rather than contrast the facade.

New energy efficient front entry door.


The Brackens Casement windows allow for maximum airflow and are exceptionally easy to open and close by a simple turn of the crank. Distributing these types of windows throughout your home will, as the Brackens had hoped, improve your homes airflow.

What prompted this major home renovation? Their home is over 20 years old, which is not necessarily old by home standards, but it’s old enough to warrant a few visual updates. When looking at the final product of this Winnipeg residence you would never guess the age of this house, facelifts can be done on homes too!

Polar will custom fit your windows and window coverings.

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