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Kathy and David’s family home located in St. Vital Manitoba is going through a complete home makeover, both interior and exterior. Their windows and doors have now been upgraded to the energy efficient Polar Ray-O-Max Window Powered Home™ system.

They chose our windows and doors as the best option to beautify and increase the overall energy efficiency of heating and cooling their home. The advanced heat reflective Power Glass™ reflects up to 90% radiant heat back to the source – inside the room in winter and back outside in summer. It virtually eliminates condensation and is able to transmit and retain between 2-3 times more energy during the day than it loses at night.

Frosted Glass Exterior Door

Polar manufactures each window and door to your home’s specifications. With the assistance of our technicians and their interior designer Kathy and David successfully modernized their entrance way. The frosted etched glass beside this front entry door removes the vertical lines of the original pattern of the glass giving it a more contemporary look. They are thrilled with the aesthetic results and are looking forward to benefiting from their new source of free energy.

Polar Ray-O-Max installs new windows and replacement windows throughout Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Brandon, Edmonton and Calgary. Click here for a free in-home estimate.