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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging converts hot and cold air into a visually measurable format using heat-sensitive infrared technology. On our thermographic imaging cameras, hotter points appear as a bright yellow or white colour. Cold points appear as a medium to deep navy blue. We use this technology to measure the energy efficiency of your windows and how well they maintain optimal home temperatures all year round.

How We Use Thermal Imaging

Windows allow the greatest transfer of air and temperature at the joints and corners. With our camera, we take infrared measurements of the temperature at different points of the window. We take readings from both the interior and exterior of your home to help us determine the relative energy efficiency on both sides. The thermal images of your older windows can show significant heat loss along the outer edges. Taking these measurements of your windows allows us to determine which of your windows we should replace first.

After Installing Your Windows

After we install your new Polar windows, we take measurements of the same locations to compare the results against your old windows. We then use these infrared images to reaffirm your window is sealed and check for possible defects. The interior temperature of your home should be significantly improved, with all windows consistently scoring higher than 80% in terms of their insulation power. We can then determine the Energy Rating (ER) of your windows through the amount of solar heat gain and heat loss due to air leakage.

In the summer, our thermographic imaging camera can reveal that cool air is kept inside your home while hot air remains outside. Polar windows use a special solar block to prevent radiant heat from entering your home and increasing its interior temperature.