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I’m feeling optimistic writing this as I’m looking out my office window in Winnipeg, MB at the barren trees; snow covered ground and grey skies, because spring is just around the corner, right?

When it comes to spring cleaning there are many areas of your house that you might focus on and if you’re making it a weekend event, why not clean up those nasty windows.  Cleaning your windows will allow for the maximum amount of light and act as an immediate mood up-lifter . . . okay so we can’t guarantee that, but there is some science behind light and moods!

Follow these ten steps to make your windows (and what’s around them) clean, shiny and streak free!

  1. Pick the right time of day – Choose a time when the sun isn’t shining directly on your windows. The hot rays can dry the cleaning solution faster, resulting in streaks.
  2. Clean the surface first – With a dry brush or cloth, dust away any cobwebs or loose dirt from your windows and frames. Along with the glass and frames don’t forget to clean the hinges, sills and tracks.
  3. Choose the right cleaning solution – Whether it is store bought or homemade make sure it’s a good quality solution; this will help to make your job easier. Homemade Mix: 1 part white vinegar and 1 part hot water.
  4. Avoid the cleanup – Before cleaning your windows make sure to place an absorbent towel along the windowsill to catch any excess drips.
  5. Wet the glass – Using a sponge, wet the windowpane with your solution and rub away the dirt. To protect your window frames try as best as possible to prevent the solution from coming into contact with them.
  6. Use a squeegee!
  7. Follow a direction – Starting at an upper corner of the pane, draw the squeegee down in a straight, hard line. Wipe the rubber edge of the squeegee with a clean, lint-free cloth.  Return to the top of the pane and repeat. Make sure to overlap the strokes to avoid streaking.  To finish pull the squeegee across the bottom of the window. Dry the sill.
  8. Clean the frames – Wipe the surface of the frames using an all-purpose cleaner and a damp cloth. Rinse the cloth and wipe again, which will remove any of the left over cleaning solution. Dry immediately with a dry cloth.
  9. Wash window screens– Using warm water and a mild detergent scrub each screen with a brush and rinse thoroughly.
  10. Clean window treatments– Many draperies and curtains are machine washable but just make sure to check the labels. If not, other options would be to dry-clean or hand wash the fabrics.  If you have wooden blinds wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, this is also safe for metal and vinyl blinds.

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