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It’s a tell-tale holiday feeling to drive down the street and see silhouetted trees and lights adorned in neighbouring windows. Dressing your own windows is easy, takes just a little bit of work on your part, and yields a gorgeous result.

Here are a few ways to safely decorate your windows for the holidays.

1. Shutters

Your shutters, if you have them, are decorative pieces you can make all the more festive. You can go as complex as running a string of outdoor lights around them, or as simple as popping on a single red bow and calling it a day!

2. Overhangs

Reading near the window

If you already suspend a curtain rod over your window, take advantage and hang ornaments neatly in the window with clear fishing wire. It’s a different sort of look, but if you use the right colours and ornament shapes together it can make a real statement.

3. Window Frames

Decking out the inner frame of your window with some garland will give you that festive shade of green, and you can tuck in some colourful ornaments or wind a string of fairy lights around it to complete the look.

This idea works both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure your lights can handle the cold.


4. Panes

Window clings are a quick and aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your glass panes. Clings are typically made of vinyl, and the adhesive on them allows you to remove and reapply them easily and without a sticky residue to clean.

5. Wreaths

Window Wreath

Wreaths can work pretty much anywhere: centred in windowpanes, hung on doors, or even lain on a coffee table as a centrepiece. It’s also very difficult to overdo it with wreaths. If you have a room with a lot of windows, hanging matching wreaths in each one can make the room feel instantly cosier, and without sacrificing any natural light.

6. Sills

Your windowsills are blank canvases—go ham! Feel free to lift from any idea we’ve listed above. But if you need a place the start, you can’t go wrong with a string of garland, some pinecones and a few tea light candles (the flameless variety, to be extra safe.) If you have any dainty gifts you’ve already wrapped, consider putting them in the window too.

If you’re in need for some brand new windows to decorate this winter, take a look at Polar’s line-up of quality offerings.