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How to Insulate Your Windows for the Summer

By May 7, 2019No Comments

Is the sweat from your eyebrow making it difficult to see the computer screen?

With the sizzling heat here in Winnipeg, home insulation as a heat reduction method is needed in the majority of homes around the nation. Below, we list some fast ideas (and many of them very inexpensive) from the friendly folks at Polar Windows for methods of better insulating your windows.

Use bubble wrap

Put some old bubble wrap to good use, as well as save a bit of money in the long-run. In only fifteen seconds for each window, it is possible to decrease the heat inside your home significantly. Here is the only disadvantage: it is not the snazziest look – and as it’s going to cause distortion, do not use this technique for any window you have to see clearly through.

Weatherstrip the windows

Weatherstripping may be utilized to seal air leaks all throughout the house. Most easy-to-obtain materials may be utilized for weatherstripping, which includes foam, felt, metal, as well as vinyl. You ought to select a kind of material which is going to hold up well with temperature, weather, and friction changes. For more information, it is possible to go to the United States Department of Energy’s post on weatherstripping.

Decorate using cell shades

This option of window is not only gorgeous, it’s practical. The word “cell” describes every visible side pocket on the honeycomb shade. The more cells, the more energy efficient a shade is. In addition, the larger a cell size; better the insulation. These cells “trap” air inside the pockets and help to prevent extreme temperature changes within your house.

Boost your insulation using shutters

In addition, shutters are extremely good insulators because they’re the tightest fitting, thickest window coverings. They’ll successfully prevent air transmission between the window covering, as well as the window’s glass, which decreases energy expenses.

Install high-reflectivity window film

Such films assist in decreasing heat gain in the summertime – which means your home remains cooler. They may be applied on your own or by an expert.

Create a draft snake

Are you feeling a bit crafty? It’s the ideal project for somebody who wants to save some money and use a little of their creative energy all at the same time. Here is a simple draft snake how-to; however, I challenge you to figure out a unique, fun design (and be certain to let us know if you do!).

Get windows that are energy efficient

Are all of those options not obtaining the desired result? It might be time for an upgrade on your windows. To choose an energy-efficient home window, you must know the elements of your window and energy performance ratings, as well as what they actually mean.

Have you attempted any of the above insulation projects? Do you happen to have any of your own you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

For more information on insulating your windows for the summer please feel free to get in touch with Polar Windows at (204) 956-6500 right away!