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How To Know When To Replace Your Patio Doors

By October 8, 2019No Comments

You’re living the dream. You have a nice house with a gorgeous patio. You go to open your patio door to enjoy a crisp autumn day when you realize that the door…just…won’t…move. You’re probably thinking “Oh no, am I going to have to get a whole new door?” We’re hoping you won’t. When it comes to replacing doors, one always hopes that repair will do instead. In this article, we’re going to look at some patio door hang-ups (they’re usually sliding doors), and when to repair or replace them.


Your Sliding Doors Are Jamming Doors


This is one of the most common culprits for patio door replacement calls – the sliding doors just aren’t sliding anymore. This might be something as simple as a misalignment that can be repaired by putting the door back in place. You might also be able to replace the rollers with relative ease. It’s when the track itself has become warped and damaged, often because of temperature changes and moisture, that you might need a whole door replacement. 


The Seal Is Broken


When you feel constant drafts from your patio door, it’s likely that the weather seal on your door is busted. Once again, this is a problem that doesn’t require a whole new door. You can replace the seal yourself for a lot less than the cost of a new door. Where things start getting tricky is when there are cracks or deformations in the door frame itself. This kind of problem isn’t readily fixed by a new seal and can easily contribute to outside air seeping in. 




You’re looking at your old sliding door and thinking to yourself,  “My patio is beautiful, and this thing is ugly”. Now here’s a spot where there’s usually no easy repair fix. I guess you could decorate the door frame? Use some decals – that would block the beautiful view of your patio, though. In this case, you’re probably going to want to replace the door. If you’ve got sliding doors, you might want to replace them with something fancy like French doors, so you can still see your patio.


Cracks & Condensation


When the glass in your door frame is starting to crack or the frame is starting to crack, there usually isn’t an easy fix. You can replace the glass, but that can often be almost as expensive as just getting a new door. You might also notice condensation forming between glass panes –  that’s going to lead to problems and is a good sign you need a replacement.


Here at Polar, our professional door installers are hired in-house – that means the same folks who are making the doors, install them too. That’s a huge bonus – it means we can offer extensive warranties and that the people doing the installation know the product inside and out, so they can answer any questions for you. We hope you can repair your patio doors, but if you can’t, get in touch with us – we’ll set you up with doors that are perfect for your space.