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Innovative Ways To Make Your Home Feel Larger

By October 15, 2019No Comments

A lot of folks (myself included) love cozy spaces. On the flipside, most of us aren’t so keen about cramped spaces. Look, the size of your home isn’t something you can easily change even if you’re extraordinarily handy.  This means you’ll need to use some tips and tricks in order to make the space seem larger and get the feel you’re looking for. 


The Anti-Clutter Creed 


When you’re trying to make a home feel cozy, it’s a great idea to decorate with all kinds of assorted knick-knacks, big and small, that you’ve collected over the years. The opposite is true with a small space you’re trying to make look big. You’ll want to use a few larger decorations instead of a plethora of tiny ones in order to make your space look larger. This counterintuitive large-items-in-a-small-space rule applies to artwork, too, so if you’re hanging something on the wall in a small room, it should big. 


Paint & Patterns


There’s an old rule that says you can’t paint a small space in dark colours, because that makes the room feel cramped. It’s true that using light colours is an easy way to make your room seem larger, but that doesn’t mean dark colours are completely impossible. You can pair light-coloured furniture with dark colours in order to fool the eye into thinking the room is bigger.


You can also use patterns to make your room look bigger and stripes are the way to go here. A striped rug where the stripes run in the same direction as the longest side of the room is perfect for elongating. You’ve heard about it with clothes, you’ve seen the optical illusions, and it’s true for rooms also. You can also opt to use wallpaper on your ceiling in order to make your space seem both taller and larger. 


Use Glass


Glass is your friend when it comes to making a room look bigger. Let’s start with mirrors. You’ve probably seen this trick in restaurants – a really big mirror is on one of the walls reflecting all of the seating in the restaurant, and suddenly the space looks twice as big. Same idea here – a big mirror makes your home look bigger.


Another important trick is having big windows – when you can look out the window, it seems like the entire outside world is a part of your home, adding a lot of perceived space. You’ll, of course, need good-looking windows for this to work. Fortunately, if you have cracks or other problems, we offer window repair in the Winnipeg area


You can really level up your space by using our glass tricks together. For example, position a large mirror so that it’s reflecting your window. The look it creates is expansive – it’s like the outdoors is a part of your home on several sides and it looks and feels wonderful!