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Replacing exterior doors can improve the looks of a home while also helping to increase the value. Even if you think you know exactly what door material you’re interested in, it’s always best practice to explore all your options. Materials used to produce doors can vary significantly in both maintenance requirements and costs. Let’s take a look at fiberglass, wood, and steel, which are materials that are frequently used for exterior doors.


A fiberglass door is constructed with a foam core and a stout coating. As such, this style of construction is difficult for burglars to breach! Fiberglass comes in several styles, many of which that do a good job of mimicking real wood.

When this door material is used in a protected location, it does not contract or expand with weather changes. This means low maintenance, and you may go for several years before needing to touch-up the stain or paint. The life expectancy of fiberglass is about 20 years.


Solid wood doors are excellent for increasing home values and dressing up an entryway. Wood is typically an expensive door material compared to that of steel or fiberglass. In addition to being the most expensive, it also generally needs the most maintenance. Homeowners that choose to use real wood doors can expect to refinish or repaint every couple of years to prevent warping and splitting. Staying on top of maintenance determines how long they will last.


If security is a serious concern, you might want to look into steel doors. They offer the strongest protection against intruders. However, if they are exposed to constant heavy rains or salt air, they may corrode and only last for five years or so. In addition to corrosion, they dent easily and this can be expensive to repair.

It’s always best to weigh all your options, especially when it comes to an important decision like the material of your door. Fiberglass has a long life expectancy, and it has low maintenance. Wood requires a lot of maintenance, but it can be stylish and beautiful. As a door material, steel may offer the most protection and peace of mind.