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The perfect house is bright, airy, and has large, comfortable rooms with windows. However, in reality, some homes have one or two rooms that are small, dark, and cramped. Don’t panic! With careful planning, these tips, and a little home renovation, you’ll whip that small room into shape.

Natural sunlight can play a key role in whether or not a room appears small and dingy. Adding windows is a quick way to open up a room, add more light, and give it the appearance of being larger.

Bay Windows

The bay window is often an ideal solution to opening up a room by bringing in sunlight and changing a single wall. It could also be a cheaper renovation alternative than moving an entire exterior wall to make the space larger. This renovation will make the space appear larger than before.

Bay windows typically have three sides of glass, which adds a whole new dimension to small rooms. In addition, the window-seat can be enclosed and used for storage.

French Doors with Glass Panes

It is amazing how the right home renovation can drastically change the appearance of rooms. Adding French doors with glass panes brightens rooms and makes them look bigger. They also offer views of landscaping and gardens, which can make rooms feel bigger.

Open French doors can expand living space, bring in fresh air, and provide additional light into rooms. They also add style and enhance the look of a room.

Rows of Windows

Adding several windows in a row across one wall can drastically transform small rooms. They can break up the appearance of a boring wall, open up the room, and even allow enough light for growing indoor plants.

Drawing up a few ideas on paper is a great way to get ideas flowing when thinking about home renovation. Consider how your wall would look with French doors or a couple of new windows. You’re only limited by your imagination, and maybe your wallet!