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Does your home have outdated, energy-inefficient windows? Replacement may be a necessary investment with lots of benefits you haven’t considered. The most obvious benefit is improving the appearance of your home. There are many options available that can add personality and enhance your house’s character, such as unique shapes, picture windows, or those with beautiful detailing. From a functionality standpoint, features like textured surfaces and swing-open panes can offer extra privacy or make cleaning easier than ever. But have you ever thought about the return on your investment when it comes to windows replacement?

First, think about those electricity bills. New panes block out cold air and heat, keeping your home at a more regulated temperature. This means your heating and cooling system gets a break and electricity bills are lowered.

The other time financial return on your investment will come is when you sell your home some day. Most buyers worry about purchasing a property that needs updates, and they appreciate new windows for several reasons. First, the home appears well-kept, and they will have one less update to worry about should they buy the house. Secondly, they know that the electricity savings will be significant. If you have an older home with replaced windows, you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that any flaky lead-based paint that may have been present on old window sills has been removed.

Overall, the experts estimate the average return on investment is 70% for windows replacement. So when you’re looking for a money-saving renovation, consider this important process for your next home project.