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All houses look nicer when their window glass is as clean and spotless as possible. Anyone who has tried to clean windows before knows that getting them immaculate can be difficult, if not impossible, when using paper towels and store bought cleaner. You can scrub and wipe as hard as you want, but you will always be left with noticeably visible streaks. Most of us just settle with the fact that these streaks will always be there and move on.

 There may be a better way, however. Many homeowners and professional cleaners swear by using a combination of glass cleaner and newspaper to get a clean finish on their window glass. So, does newspaper really work? Also, why newspaper?

Newspaper is a great choice because of its availability and affordability. Many of us still subscribe to a daily newspaper, so you may have lots of it on hand in your home. Plus, it will just be thrown into the recycling bin in most cases anyway, so why not get some use out of it before you recycle it?

Newspaper is suspected to be effective in this application because it is grittier than paper towels, making it easier to cut through dirt and dust. Newspaper is also made up of a material that absorbs liquid, so it doesn’t simply push around the cleaner on your window glass. The paper’s ability to better absorb liquid is the key to why it is so effective for cleaning surfaces.

Some detractors may claim that the ink will leave behind streaks. However, since glass is slick, the ink does not stick to the surface. Plus, most inks today are vegetable based and are much less likely to leave behind streaks.

Next time you go to clean the windows in your home, try using some old newspapers. You may be surprised by the results.