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Patio doors are an attractive door style, incorporating a generous amount of window space to allow access to and from a lovely landscaped space. Typically, they open directly onto a deck, patio or garden. There are usually two options for an exterior entrance to a yard space: sliding patio doors or terrace doors.

Terrace doors are a good option for a smaller room, to conserve wall space, or because you simply enjoy their elegant appearance.

What are Terrace Doors?

Terrace doors, also called patio or garden doors, can come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. Polar Windows terrace door units are custom designed to fit any opening, with the option to select an inswing or outswing door as well as having the ability to choose to have your stationary door become a venting opening. In most cases, they are dominated by window space, which allows natural light to come in and provides an inviting view of your outdoor space.

Special features include:

·       Window Powered Homes™ sealed unit

·       Polyurethane core

·       Multi-point stainless steel lock bar

·       Energy rating: U-factor down to 0.17

·       Warranty available on glass and frame

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