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Even though it is what on the inside that counts the most, when it comes to houses and their value, the outside matters, too. Exterior improvements such as door replacements, the addition of siding, or the installation of new windows can really increase the worth of a home. Largely this is due to curb appeal, as the exterior is seen first and leaves a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

If you are considering undertaking some home improvement projects in 2014, but don’t have a ton of time to devote to the cause, then door replacement is likely a good option. By upgrading this feature, homeowners can improve value and make their house more energy efficient.

In the recently released findings of the 2013 Remodeling Costs vs. Value report, exterior door replacement topped the list of home remodeling projects that retain resale value. The report found that an estimated 85.6% of costs associated with exterior door replacement will be recouped when a home is resold.

Replacing exterior doors with models that provide more weather protection and security is a great investment even if you are not planning on selling your house in the near future. Doors of this style are tough and experience little wear and tear over the years. They also let little air escape or infiltrate the home, allowing homeowners to improve their energy efficiency and save money on energy costs.