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If you have a gorgeous outdoor space, you need the perfect patio door to set the tone and create an inviting entrance for you and your guests.

Usually, the decision comes down to terrace doors, which open and close via hinges, or sliding patio doors, which open and shut horizontally along a sliding track.

While these doors can be more expensive than the typical single exterior door, the payoff is usually 100% worth it.

What Are Sliding Patio Doors

Traditionally, sliding doors consist of two large glass panels; one panel remains fixed and the other slides open and closed, providing a wide entrance to a yard, patio, or deck.

Polar Windows sliding patio door is made from high-performance PVC material. PVC is an excellent choice for sliding patio doors. It is exceptionally energy efficient – complete with all the benefits of our Window Powered Home Technology™ including Power Glass™, Gold Power Spacer™ insulated frame.

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