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Sun & Weather Protection

STOBAG sun and weather protection solutions offer a vast range of possibilities for you to enjoy your outdoor living space comfortably.

Balcony & Terrace

Select / Select-Ombramatic

The compact SELECT awning was designed for overall protection of terraces and patios in private homes or restaurants. The SELECT series is based on proven and patented triangular back bar technology. Together with its universal fixation brackets, this enables wall, ceiling or rafter installation, even in restricted spaces.

Casabox / Tendabox

The TENDABOX and CASABOX models are slim box awnings in a timelessly elegant design. They are especially suitable for shading smaller to medium-sized areas, like in the case of balconies and terraces. The pleasing design of the round or square box allows the awning to blend in harmoniously with the architecture. – as an additional design feature. The end profile provides a tight seal and protects the fabric and jointed arms from rain and dirt.


The CAMABOX BX4000 is a stylish cassette awning in a modern cubic design. It features simple and minimalist contours, allowing the CAMABOX BX4000 to blend elegantly into the architecture. As a particular highlight, LED lighting can be optionally integrated into the box, which turns the shaded area into an experience even during the evening hours. The tried and tested closed box effectively protects the fabric and jointed arms from the elements and dirt to ensure a long service life.



Thanks to the extended dimensions of the tried and tested terrace awning PERGOLINO, you can now provide decent shade over very large areas. Whether for a private party or a restaurant lounge, you and your guests are perfectly protected from the sun and rain. Side and front shading options can be assembled at a later date and increase the feeling of wellbeing on your terrace.



Relax in the fresh air and enjoy the comfort of reliable sun and weather protection and experience the interplay of light and shade. The design of the BAVONA pergola range impresses through its cubic design style and the sophisticatedly-integrated technology. Each BAVONA pergola is tailor-made, can be colour-matched to your individual requirements and equipped with various options.

Vertical Awning


VENTOSOL stands for modern and solid shading for facades and has a wide range of uses. The elegant, slightly rounded box of the VENTOSOL awning is self-supporting. Various fixing options allow the structure to be fixed to walls or in recesses. Operated by crank-handle or optional electric motor.

* Wind protection up to 120 km/h depending on dimensions and location


The UNIVERSAL vertical awning models, with three different lateral guides, do credit to their name. The choice between aluminium guide rails, stainless steel wires and chrome steel rod guides offers architects a wide range of options. Compact construction and an elegant box make this suitable for balconies and conservatories as well as serving as a design element in modern facade architecture.