What is Passive Solar Design?

Over the years, the general public has become more aware of the benefits of solar energy; it not only helps the environment, but it also saves money. It can be used in a variety of ways – providing heat, mechanical power, and electricity to a building. Passive solar power uses individual components of a building, such as its walls, roof, windows, and other materials to produce energy in an efficient way. This method also utilizes the building surroundings, its work site, and the location’s climate to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Passive solar design takes into account the building’s surroundings and materials to create the most energy efficient foundation possible. The design works to collect heat through the south-facing windows of a home. It retains this heat in specially designed thermal materials. A number of details must be addressed in order for a passive solar-designed home to work properly.

If you’re ready to reduce your electricity bills and maximize your home’s efficiency, passive design may be the right decision for you. Specific measures will have to be considered to ensure the existing home is capable of housing such a design.  Don’t hesitate to contact a contractor with experience in passive solar energy design; they will understand the best ways to optimize your home’s efficiency.


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polarwindowsWhat is Passive Solar Design?
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What Does That Energy Star Label Mean Anyway?

If you’re living in a home that seems to be losing heat or you’re concerned about your electric bill, it might be time to examine all the components. One of the best ways to ensure you’re not wasting money each month is to replace your current panes with energy-efficient windows. Looking for an Energy Star Label is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best product available.

This particular symbol is backed by the government. Any window purchased with this label is made with quality products that are better for the environment. They will help keep the home well insulated, resulting in a reduction in your fuel usage and costs.

If the product meets specific guidelines set forth by the EPA, it earns that stamp of approval. The following are just some of those guidelines:

  • The features must meet the demands of the consumer
  • The product must increase efficiency overall
  • The label must be visible to consumers and show a clear distinction between other non-labelled products

Purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows and doors that have the Energy Star Label is a wonderful way to take an active role in improving your long-term finances while contributing to a better environment.

polarwindowsWhat Does That Energy Star Label Mean Anyway?
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