Who says paradise can’t be found in your own backyard?


The D’Abramo’s were sold on investing in energy efficient windows, so they decided to install nine Polar Windows in their Charleswood home.

Installed was a combination of casement and picture windows as well as a patio door.

Their beautiful back terrace was unusable, as they had no way to access it! With the addition of a patio door they can now enjoy plenty of cold beverages in the hot sun all summer long.

Home Exterior - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

“The installation went very well.  The fellas were more than accommodating, courteous and very tidy. We are very happy with all aspects of the install and products.”

polarwindowsWho says paradise can’t be found in your own backyard?
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What are the three main elements that contribute in making a window energy efficient?

When looking to replace your windows, remember these important criteria when selecting true energy-efficient windows. When done properly your windows will significantly reduce heating and cooling loads while still allowing natural light into the home.

1. Insulating capability – this is how well the window performs at keeping heat inside the home in the winter season and keeping the heat outside the home during the summer season. This is also known as the U-value of the window. The lower the U-value, the better the window is at reducing heat transfer through the window.

2. Solar heat gain – refers to the increase in temperature in a space, object, or structure that results from solar radiation. A window with high solar heat gain can reduce heating loads in the winter, but may overheat the home during the summer. The amount of solar gain increases with the strength of the sun, so selecting a window to work with the coordinates of the sun can moderate solar heat gain. The solar heat gain coefficient is SHGC.

3. Natural day lighting – is the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through a window. This is referred to as visible transmittance (VT). More light is generally better, but comes with a compromise of insulating capability and solar heat gain criteria.

polarwindowsWhat are the three main elements that contribute in making a window energy efficient?
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What Does That Energy Star Label Mean Anyway?

If you’re living in a home that seems to be losing heat or you’re concerned about your electric bill, it might be time to examine all the components. One of the best ways to ensure you’re not wasting money each month is to replace your current panes with energy-efficient windows. Looking for an Energy Star Label is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best product available.

This particular symbol is backed by the government. Any window purchased with this label is made with quality products that are better for the environment. They will help keep the home well insulated, resulting in a reduction in your fuel usage and costs.

If the product meets specific guidelines set forth by the EPA, it earns that stamp of approval. The following are just some of those guidelines:

  • The features must meet the demands of the consumer
  • The product must increase efficiency overall
  • The label must be visible to consumers and show a clear distinction between other non-labelled products

Purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows and doors that have the Energy Star Label is a wonderful way to take an active role in improving your long-term finances while contributing to a better environment.

polarwindowsWhat Does That Energy Star Label Mean Anyway?
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