Windows That Wow

One can easily understand why so many cultures around the world incorporate stained glass windows into the buildings they reserve for worship, learning, and the arts. This artistic form of glasswork is very beautiful, and the panes created cast a charming glow over everything in their midst. You should count yourself lucky if you get to admire these kinds of installations on a regular basis.

Some of the most remarkable stained glass displays in the world are not as far away as you might think, located in the United States, including both the largest window in existence and the most expensive. If you ever have a chance to visit these sites, you will be in for quite a treat. Each is a unique spectacle in its own right.

Washington National Cathedral Stained Glass - Polar Ray-O-Max WindowsThe world’s largest stained glass window is part of a mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois. Visitors can walk past the 2,448 different panels and see classic tales from the Bible depicted in chronological order. Also in Illinois is the world’s largest domed ceiling made of stained glass. The Tiffany glass dome is part of Preston Bradley Hall at the famed Chicago Cultural Center.

Washington DC, not to be outdone, is home to the priciest stained glass window ever crafted. Among the more than 200 awe-inspiring windows in the Washington National Cathedral, there is one that contains something extra special. The Space Window, commemorating man’s landing on the Moon, holds a piece of lunar rock from the Apollo 11 mission in the center on its astral scene. The presence of this priceless souvenir is what makes this particular window so very valuable.


Thanks to Payton Chung for the great picture of the stained glass window at the Chicago Cultural Center

Thanks to scott*eric for the great picture of the stained glass window at the Washington National Cathedral

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