Awning Windows

An awning window is a type of casement window that is cranked shut and locked with a firm thermal seal. As a result, it is much more energy-efficient than most other types of windows.

Where to Use Awning Windows

Upper Floors – Awning windows that are placed higher in a house will provide maximum ventilation and keep air flowing without letting the rain in.

Bathrooms – Ventilation in bathrooms is important in preventing steam damage.

Living Rooms – Awning windows in living rooms are the exception to the high placement rule. Placing awning windows below a fixed bay window gives a home a more modern look from the outside and makes it easier to keep windows open during a light rain.

Children’s Rooms – Placing these types of windows in your child’s room makes both entrance and exit difficult, providing security.

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A Glance At Our Top Four Window Styles

After years in the business, we’ve seen four window styles stand out as long-time favorites. Awning, casement, fixed, and roller window styles are chosen time and time again by homeowners, and all have their own unique features. One thing remains the same across all four, and that is their ability to increase energy efficiency and home value, and give your home a fresh look. Here’s a quick look at these popular options:


The awning style features a hinge at the top. The bottom opens outward, which is especially convenient during rainy weather. Homeowners can enjoy fresh air entering the home without worrying about the precipitation entering as it would with a traditional pane.


Windows featuring the casement design are attached to the side of the frame with hinges. In homes that feature a traditional or European-inspired style, the shutters may open outward while the windows themselves open inwards. These are a popular choice for framing larger, single panes since they open vertically and create a pleasant, symmetrical look.


This style is commonly called a picture window. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, but is popular in an area where you’d like to have a large pane to admire the natural beauty outside. It’s also a good choice for highlight pieces, such as as an octagon or custom-designed shape. These windows cannot be opened.


These windows roll horizontally on the frame with an operating sash side that allows for air to flow freely during the warm months, as well as a fixed sash that slides horizontally when the screen is taken out. This makes it easy to clear the outside of the window without leaving the comfort of your home.


polarwindowsA Glance At Our Top Four Window Styles
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How To Clean a Polar Awning Window

I like to think that windows are the eyes to your house, so there’s nothing worse then looking out your window and not having a clear view. Cleaning your windows used to be a time consuming process; that is until we here at Polar designed our awning windows to make cleaning them a breeze.


polarwindowsHow To Clean a Polar Awning Window
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