How To Know When To Replace Your Windows

Window replacement can occur whenever a homeowner feels that it’s time. But if you’re not sure and would like an opportunity to invest your money in other home improvement projects that need immediate attention, here’s a quick guide to let you know when it’s appropriate to replace your glass.

When You Have Single Panes

This type of glass is by far the least preferred when it comes to maintaining energy efficiency. Upgrading to a double or even triple pane will save you money down the road and make your space much more comfortable.

Poor Condition Of The Frames

If you have wooden frames that are rotting, this is a tell-tale sign it’s time to replace. Additionally, windows that have difficulty opening and closing properly can be a hazard under emergency conditions and should be upgraded.

Leaky Seals

If you notice a draught, it’s time for a window replacement project. It is estimated that about one-third of all heat loss occurs through doors and windows. Imagine how much higher this number is when there are cracks and leaks.

Condensation Is Present

If you see moisture or condensation between the glass panes or even on the inside of the glass, this is an indication that they’re not working the way they should and need to be replaced.

Any time you feel ready to upgrade your home or transition to a different style of glass, discuss your options with an expert. While there is an initial investment, you will certainly enjoy a long-term savings that can’t be beat.

polarwindowsHow To Know When To Replace Your Windows
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