Ideas For Repurposing Old Windows

Whether you are about to start a full scale renovation project, or you are just looking for a few ways to spruce up your space, old windows can be used in a variety of creative applications. Salvaged frames and glass have been reused in interesting ways for decades for both interior and exterior spaces. If you’ve just recovered some salvaged frames, take a look at some great ideas on how to put them to good use!

Setting up a salvaged frame as a room divider is one of  the most practical and aesthetically pleasing applications. If you have a large, open space, it can feel a bit empty, and much of the space may be going underutilized. Using old windows as room dividers gives your home more character and practically turns larger spaces into usable, smaller spaces.

Old windows are also perfect for a variety of craft projects. Because again frames already have a rustic appeal, you can turn them into interesting craft projects. Repurpose an aging window as a picture frame for old pictures, or turn one into a chalkboard! By saving those wine corks, you can imbed the cork into the frame and make your own bulletin board. Some handier crafters can repurpose those frames into doors for beautiful and useful shelving units.

 There are a variety of applications of older window frames. So, before tossing them out on the curb, consider what you can do to revitalize the frame and your home!

polarwindowsIdeas For Repurposing Old Windows
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The Dos and Don’ts of Window Decor

Whether you are a homeowner, or you rent an apartment, your window treatments are important for a number of reasons. Fully controlling your natural light can go a long way to breathe new life into your space and create a mood. Plus, the window decor that you choose can give your space a unique spin and distinct personality by using your own style and aesthetic. Because choosing the right drapes and properly framing your windows is so important, take look at some of the Dos and Don’ts of curtains.

DO take your time choosing the right pattern and color. Take a look at the color of your walls, your furniture, and consider the overall look that you want to achieve for your indoor space. Your window decor will draw the eye’s attention more so than other items in your room, so be aware of the impact your curtains will have on the look and feel of your space.

DON’T overlook the importance of hardware. You want to be sure you get rods and hooks that have a look matching the rest of your space and your curtains. You will also need rods that can appropriately handle the weight of heavier fabrics if you choose such materials.

DO spend some time thinking of the type of fabric you use. You’ll need to consider fabrics for their appearance and the amount of light that will be let into your space. If privacy is important to you, sheer fabrics should be avoided.

DON’T skimp on size and positioning of your curtains. When it comes to your window decor, size matters. You’ll want to get fabric that is at least double the size of the windows themselves. You should also always hang your curtains high and wide, meaning significantly above and beside the windows.

Window decor can truly add to any room by simply following a few basic guidelines. Always consider the fabric, color, pattern, and positioning to make the most out of your curtains and to really enhance your space.

polarwindowsThe Dos and Don’ts of Window Decor
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