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The Benefits of Natural Light in your Home or Workplace

By September 17, 2019No Comments

Human beings have grown up rapidly. Compare our assent from techless tribes to world-dominating superspecies to the changes other lifeforms have experienced in the same timeframe. 

We’ve changed a lot, and in doing so, we’ve left behind our roots in a lot of ways. That’s not always a good change and we’re learning that becoming disconnected from nature can have profound negative effects on our psychology. Having natural light streaming through your windows can boost your health in a number of ways.


Stave off the Winter Blues


The sun is one of the most important sources of vitamin D. I always grin at the idea that vitamins can be transmitted through ultraviolet rays because it feels like magic. It turns out that it’s actually a result of a process that occurs between UVB rays and cholesterol, but the magic is still there and Vitamin D makes you feel good. That’s because being deficient in the vitamin can make you feel blue and there are links between vitamin D deficiency and depression.


In Winnipeg, it can be hard to get enough sunlight in the winter months, so having an abundance of natural lighting in your home or workplace can help.


Fight off Illness


Avoid getting sick with the power of the sun! Vitamin D deficiency can make you less resistant to infection and it can also lead to reduced calcium absorption, leading to bone problems. Employers, take note: if you have a lot of employees calling in sick during the winter, it may be because they are vitamin D deficient. Renovating your building so there’s a lot of natural light can have health benefits for everyone in your organization.


Reduce Fatigue


Sunlight is invigorating. In part, that’s because vitamin D deficiency can cause fatigue, and getting a lot of natural sun can help you avoid that. The other part of the equation is pretty primal – our bodies are, unsurprisingly, tuned to wake up to natural light. Home lighting is a poor imitation and the fluorescents in most workplaces won’t do the trick. Natural light is the best way to kick you out of sleep mode. 




This is more of a personal thing, but I think it’s worth mentioning: beams of sun pouring through your windows, lighting the room just so, causing metals and stones to sparkle, bringing out the warmth in your paint, gently caressing your skin as you walk past – it’s a beautiful thing. Your guests will appreciate it, your employees will appreciate it, your clients will appreciate it, and you’ll appreciate it.


We can help you bring all of these benefits to your home or workplace so get in touch with us. We’ll find the right windows to allow as much natural light in as possible, in the most stylish way possible. You might get giant bay windows, you might get skylights, you might get a customized solution – whatever it is, our professional window installation will leave you beaming as brightly as the sun.