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Three Important Things To Consider When Choosing New Bathroom Windows

By October 29, 2019No Comments

No two rooms are the same and that means you’ll want different types of windows for different kinds of rooms. You might have a luxurious notion of bathing with giant bay windows overlooking a lake, but let’s snap back to reality for a moment – those bay windows might be pretty impractical because for most of us, there’s something to be said for privacy. There are three main factors you should keep in mind when looking for bathroom windows – excluding aesthetics – which is also an important factor for any windows you might install:


  1. Moisture


This is the most important factor to consider and the primary reason you need windows in your bathroom in the first place. Without proper ventilation, the steam you generate in the bathroom soaks into your walls and ceilings creating breeding grounds for mold, mildew, bacteria, and all that other nasty stuff you’d really prefer not to be living with. You could avoid this problem by foregoing hot showers for the rest of your life, but if you’re anything like me, that’s basically consigning yourself to total misery. 


All this moisture means you need to be mindful of the materials you choose for your windows. Wood won’t do – it’s porous so moisture can get inside and the wood might begin to warp and crack. It also makes a great home for the bacteria we mentioned earlier. The best option is vinyl – it’s non-porous and it’s not as prone to fluctuating as other materials in extreme temperatures.


Hot steam hitting cold windows creates condensation and mold loves condensation. When you’re looking for window replacement in Winnipeg, that’s an important factor to consider – our cold winters will chill all but the most insulated windows. Triple pane windows are a great option to help reduce condensation.


2. Ease-of-Use


Another solution for getting rid of all that excess humidity is to open your windows and if you’re not opening your bathroom windows regularly, it’s something that you should start doing. The problem with some traditional styles of windows, like sliding windows, is that they can be difficult to open and close. Also, they’re also not as well sealed as the alternative that we’re proposing here: crank windows have a compression seal which makes them almost 100% airtight – perfect for limiting condensation. They’re also great if you have arthritis or any other condition that makes opening sliding windows difficult.


3. Privacy


As we alluded to at the beginning of this article, this is one of the most important factors for most folks who are looking to get new bathroom windows. Fortunately, this is actually one of the easiest to tackle. You can elect to get blinds or similar window covers but the most practical option is to install privacy glass. This way, you can still have sunlight streaming through your windows without having to worry about anyone being able to see you through them.