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Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

By April 23, 2019No Comments

The best time of year to cool off at the beach is right now! However, if you are a homebody, you probably are considering ways to keep your home cool in the summertime. Here are some tips offered by Polar Windows on how to cool your room without air conditioning while saving money within the process.


If you reside in a humid region, your sweat evaporates more gradually. Dress in loose cotton and additional natural fabrics. Lowering the humidity is going to help you feel cooler. There are, of course, other methods of keeping your home cool.

Reflect and reduce sunlight

Direct sunlight that comes into your house may raise the temperature. Placing curtains, blinds, or reflective window panels are just a few of the ways to keep the sun out of windows. Keeping direct light away from the room is going to decrease the warmth within the space.

Turn off the lights when not being used

Light bulbs generate heat, particularly incandescent bulbs. If you cannot replace this antiquated kind of bulb, the least it’s possible to do is minimize their use. Some houses install solar panels to assist in minimizing the price of electricity.

Be wise about the doors

If the room is cooler than the outside temperature, shut the door. It is going to retain the cooler room temperature for as long as it can even in the hottest part of day.

Place smooth white fabric covers on furnishings

White fabric covers are going to help retain less heat in the furniture. In addition, the covers are going to reflect the light. Some might say that it is going to absorb less heat from the sun. The interior of the house and furniture remain colder in the process.

Open the windows at both ends of your home

In opening windows at both ends of your home, you’ll allow air to move freely throughout the entire structure. It’s referred to as cross-ventilation. The process assists in reducing the temperature inside your house. You will be shocked by how much cooler it’ll become!

Set the ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

Doing so will assist in moving the heat away from the room. As a result, you’ll feel colder. I bet you did not believe you could do that, did you? The technique of reversing the blade’s rotation is going to push the heat to the ceiling rather than blowing it your direction.

Point all box fans out of the windows

As you do this, you’ll push the warm air out. It’s something most homeowners don’t realize. Occasionally, it is best to use fans for exhaust instead of producing an artificial breeze.

Unplug electronic or appliances

In this era of electronics, heat’s a normal by-product. If you have teens or kids playing with their Xbox on a large flat screen television all day, perhaps it’d be better to minimize their playtime. Pull those plugs out if you aren’t using a gadget. Less warmth generated means a colder interior.