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When To Replace Your Windows

By July 16, 2019No Comments

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul – I guess that means that windows are the eyes of your house. Your eyes need regular checkups, and you might need some corrective eyewear in order to see better; in a similar way, your windows might need to be touched up on the regular, and you should look for signs of wear. Unlike your eyes, there’s a pretty high likeliness you’ll need to replace windows at once point in your life. When it comes to windows, it’s all about determining whether or not you need to repair something, or replace the windows.


Let’s start with things you can probably repair. Windows are a bit drafty? There’s a good chance you just need to replace the weatherstripping, redo the caulking, or replace the window sash. Window sashes aren’t present on every window; they’re essentially the frame that the glass panes are fitted into, and easy to use window sash replacement kits are available. Doing these things can help you avoid the cost of replacing your window, or hiring professional labour to do repairs for you; it’s fortunate that the right to repair extends to windows, even though it doesn’t extend to Apple (bad pun, I know). 


Window replacements should occur if you’ve seen severe damage to your windows. When the glass of your windows is seriously damaged or totally shattered, it’s of course time to replace. For window in a wood frame, replacement is a good idea if the wood has seen serious rot. Minor rot can sometimes be dealt with using a bit of elbow-grease, replacing the rotted bit with something like a Dutchman’s patch. When you’re looking into repairing or replacing wooden frames around older windows, consider when your house was constructed; older homes may have lead paint, so precautions should be taken.


Aside from wanting to replace windows because they’re broken, you might want to replace them for aesthetic reasons. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get stylish new windows installed; you can have them retrofitted, or you can have the frames replaced entirely, something called new construction windows. Which one of these approaches you’re going to want to take depends on a few considerations. You might not like the frames you have, or they might be damaged; in those cases, you’ll obviously want new construction. When possible, you’ll want to opt for retrofit, as it’s almost always less expensive.


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