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Energy Efficiency

Why Winnipeg Windows Are Different

By July 30, 2019No Comments

Winnipeg is a pretty unique city. Our province’s origins are rooted in rebellion, our architecture ranges from brutalist to turn of the century Chicago style, and our climate is, in a word, extreme. Businesses that want to succeed in our city have to adapt to our challenges. We want high quality wares at a fair price; that’s one of the things that keeps our cost of living so low. When it comes to building materials, we need materials that can withstand our unique climate, but that won’t make the cost of our homes skyrocket. 


You may not know that Polar Windows was founded in Winnipeg for the explicit purpose of meeting these particular needs. One of the tricky things about our climate is how cold it gets in the winter, and how hot it gets in the summer; we’re one of the few cities where air conditioning and a furnace are pretty much a must. The cost of running these appliances can be extraordinarily high – how can windows help? The short answer is that windows that are well built can be incredibly insulating; good windows are nearly as insulating as walls, but they also let light through, which can help heat your home in the cooler months.


There’s a lot of factors you can use to evaluate the energy efficiency of your windows; fortunately, the Government of Canada has created a list of window ratings. When it comes to windows in Winnipeg, you want to pay special attention to their R-value, which tells you their resistance to heat transfer. The higher the number is, the better; it means that when it’s hot in your home and cold outside, the heat won’t transfer out, but when it’s cold in your home and hot outside, the heat won’t come in as easily.


Winnipeg windows are different because they need extremely high R-values; they also need to fit into a variety of different architectural styles. The Polar Windows solution to the problem is to create totally customizable triple-pane windows. Hundreds of years ago, windows were made of just a single pane of glass; it’s intuitive enough to understand that adding two extra panes of glass will create more insulation. Inert gases fill the space between the panes, providing further insulation without stopping the sun’s rays from coming through to heat your home in the wintertime.


Winnipeggers love a good deal, and Polar provides. We offer one of the most extensive window warranties you’ll ever see; we create high quality, custom-built products, and we install them ourselves, so offering the warranty is no skin off our backs. In other words, we’re confident that our windows will last a lifetime. Our windows stand up to frost and condensation, and they can be retrofitted into older homes; they’re made for life in Winnipeg. What’s the difference with Winnipeg windows? When you get them from Polar, they’re highly durable, they withstand our temperature extremes, and they’re a great value.