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The Chamara’s decided to upgrade the windows in their home so they turned to Polar Windows for some help. Richard and Sherry replaced 8 of their existing windows, but what makes their installation unique is that on all of their windows they installed our California shutters, and what a difference it made!

“We just love Polar windows, they’re fantastic quality. We appreciate the work, time and effort that they spent on our account. We got to know quite a few of the staff and members and they all helped out.”

Red Shutters on Windows - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

Front View Red Shutters - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows






“We love the shutters, they look fantastic. Ryan, the installer, did a very good job considering these shutters were his first install. The quality of the windows is phenomenal.”

Interior View of Window And Shutter - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

Interior View of Window - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows












Window Above Kitchen Sink - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

“Our windows have the “wow” factor, people are actually stopping on the sidewalk to look at them!”

Interior View Window in Breakfast Room - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows

Exterior View of Window - Polar Ray-O-Max Windows













“Overall we’re very happy with and pleased with Polar Windows and the job that they did. I think you guys are going to be pretty busy with shutters!”