Specialty Windows

Specialty windows have unique shapes and operating styles that can add extra beauty and character to your home.

With hundreds of different configuration options, Polar can make you specialty windows that fit with your home’s distinct character and your personal style.

Polar’s Window Powered Home™ Technology offers best-in-class energy efficiency and virtually eliminates common window problems like condensation and frost. Window Powered Home technology has five key features to make sure Polar windows will perform year round, even in extreme weather. You can learn about each feature here.


Choose from more than 20 durable colours, or create a fully custom colour to match your existing window’s environment.

Decorative Glass

Expand the character of your home with decorative glass. This is a small touch that can dramatically increase your curb appeal.


Choose from white, antique nickel, pewter, or brass finishes in various shapes and architectural styles.

Choose from these shape options:

Round – circular windows for a unique way to gain natural light in smaller spaces.

Octagon – An octagon window is the perfect way to breathe new life into bathrooms and other smaller spaces.

Rake – Asymmetric styles to suit even the oddest angle in your home.

Elliptical – Popular in the tops of our entry doors, the elliptical window style is a great way to add an extra sliver of light to small, dimly lit spaces.

Palladian Style A – a large, three-section window where the center section is arched and larger than the two squared off side sections.

Palladian Style B – a large, three-section window where the center section is arched and larger than the two other rounded side sections.

Investing in Polar means investing in quality.

We offer a lifetime transferable warranty on all Polar products, so you can be confident in your awning purchase for as long as you live in your home; and should you ever decide to move, your warranty transfers to the new owner for another 10 years, increasing the value of your home.

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