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Wooden Window Care and Maintenance

By September 3, 2019No Comments

Wooden windows are gorgeous. They can add an incredible rustic look to your home and their natural look and feel is well-liked by many homeowners. With any building material, there are going to be best practices you should follow to make them last longer and with wood, proper care is especially important. Wood is naturally very porous, and it’s particularly vulnerable to moisture, grime, and salt. Following these best practices will ensure that your windows look their best for as long as possible:




Regularly cleaning your wooden windows is the best and easiest way to ensure their longevity. Fortunately, cleaning them is a breeze. All you need to do is get some warm water with a soft liquid soap (a tiny bit of dish soap will often do the trick), dunk a soft-bristle brush in the solution, and gently brush away the dirt and grime that’s accumulated on the window frames.


You should be mindful when you’re cleaning to inspect for cracks and nicks. Over time, mold can accumulate in these cracks. You can, once the window has been thoroughly cleaned, sand these areas down to remove old paint and grime, then patch them up using a window filler; that is if the crack is shallow! Deep cracks can cause structural damage and may need to be repaired by a professional.


Staining and Painting


The stain or paint on your wood frames isn’t just an aesthetic feature; it serves to protect them from the elements. Over time, wear and tear from the aforementioned salt and grime will cause the stain or paint to dissipate and when this happens, you’ll need to restain or repaint the wood. 


The restaining and repainting process is relatively simple, but you need to proceed cautiously. The process involves stripping off the old coating, cleaning,  then applying a new coating. You have to be patient during this process because if there’s excess moisture on the wood when you apply the new coating, the moisture can get stuck, causing your frames to rot. That means it’s best to restain or paint during the summer months when the heat will help the moisture evaporate quickly.


How often should you refinish your wood frames? There’s no easy answer because how quickly your finish will deteriorate can quite literally change with the weather. As a rule, remember that your exterior will need to be refinished more frequently than the interior. You can take a picture of your frames every year and compare year to year so you can spot serious degradation.

All in all, wooden windows are a breeze to take care of, and they can add a wonderful touch to your home’s aesthetic. The professional window installers at Polar will be more than happy to set you up with gorgeous new wooden windows. We’ll give you more maintenance tips so you get the most out of them!